Japan, US, Australia and Canada hold joint naval exercise in East China Sea

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) says it recently held a joint exercise with the navies of the United States, Australia and Canada in the East China Sea, Ednews reports citing NHK World.
The MSDF says the three-day drill that started on Saturday involved five vessels, including Japanese and US destroyers.
The vessels reportedly held tactical practice by linking their communications systems to share information. The MSDF released photos of the five vessels navigating together.
The four countries held joint exercises in 2019 and 2022 in the Pacific and the South China Sea, but this was their first drill in the East China Sea.
The MSDF says the joint exercise enhanced cooperation among the four countries with the aim of realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific, apparently with China's increasing maritime activities in mind.
A US guided-missile destroyer took part in the drill after passing through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday.
The US military says a Chinese destroyer sailed across the bow of the US vessel while it was conducting a routine transit through the strait along with a Canadian vessel, coming as close as about 140 meters.


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