Estonia bans entry to Patriarch Kirill

Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsakhkna has re-approved sanctions under the Magnitsky List, banning 58 people from entering the country, including the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, Ednews reports citing Postimees.
According to the minister, all people on the list were banned from entering Estonia because they were involved in gross human rights violations or contributed to their commission.
"Patriarch Kirill is one of the biggest propagandists and disseminators of Putin's ideology. It was high time to blacklist him. He justified and incited the war against Ukraine," the minister said.
He added that people who support Russia's atrocities in Ukraine are not welcome in Estonia. "I call on all countries to introduce an entry ban on supporters and perpetrators of Russia's atrocities," said Tsakhkna.
Nine persecutors of Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza were also banned from entering the country.
The sanctions list was revised in connection with the expiration of the entry ban imposed by the government's order in 2018. "We have also added to the list people who are gross human rights violators who are not welcome in Estonia," added Tsakhkna.