Expert hinted Iran with a harsh message - "The regime should bear in mind that Azerbaijan is a strong ally of Turkiye and Pakistan" -

5 February,

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Expert hinted Iran with a harsh message - "The regime should bear in mind that Azerbaijan is a strong ally of Turkiye and Pakistan"

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Today the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Turkiye are conducting joint military drills.

According to the agreement on cooperation in the military field between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkiye, the personnel of different types of troops, especially the combat and special forces, artillery corps, military aviation and some units of naval forces have been taking in the large-scale drills in the districts of Baku, Astara and Jabrayil.

In these drills, the main focus is on the combat capabilities of artillery, aviation and naval forces to hold the further urgent military operations.

It should be noted that the simulation of the construction of pontoon bridges by soldiers of both sides in order to open passage over the Aras River became one of their important tasks.

Touching upon the necessity of the joint military drills, some experts claim that its principal target is directed to send a serious political message to Iran, Armenia and Russia.

In his comments to Ednews, Azerbaijani political expert, Ilyas Huseynov said that the most important aim of the joint military drills by Azerbaijan and Turkiye is to warn some neighbouring countries not to make provocative acts once again.

“During the Patriotic war, Turkiye provided strong political and military support to Azerbaijan. It is worth to note that the new geopolitical developments following the 44 day Karabakh war have strengthened the strategic position of Turkiye and Russia in the region of the South Caucasus. At the same time, we observe the aggressive acts by Iran against us. I consider that Tehran deliberately makes provocations posing threats to the territorial integrity and independence of our country. Acts such as sending a message to us depicting that the road to Jerusalem passes through Baku are unacceptable. Azerbaijan will never remain silent to any threats of Iran. With our fraternal countries, we will continue to take serious steps to ensure solid security measures”.

“I should also mention that the signing of the Shusha Declaration over the reinforcement of the military alliance between Azerbaijan and Turkiye is targeted at guaranteeing the permanent stability and security in the region," – he added.

Ilyas Huseynov also emphasized that Turkiye is one of the regional powers playing an essential role in the current geopolitical processes in the South Caucasus.

“To maintain the security of hydrocarbon resources, secure the communications and the enhancement of robust cooperation, as well as preserve peace in the region are central priorities in the geopolitical interests of the Turkish government. Taking into account the process of the normalization of Azerbaijan-Armenia relations, both Ankara and Yerevan have been conducting the important political dialogue to restore bilateral relations”. 

Political analyst, Terlan Eyvazov also corroborated the argument on the initial purpose of Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises.

 "Our country has always held joint military drills with Turkiye. Of course, the next drills at the borders are to send a serious message to Iran. As we know, after the Second Karabakh War the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has conducted numerous provocative military drills along the Aras River to threaten the territorial integrity and independence of our country. We could not bear the provocations of the neighbouring country and decided to hold the drills of Special Forces of our army last month. Currently with participation of ground troops, rocket-artillery corps and naval forces, we are carrying out large-scale military drills with our Turkish brothers. These drills have been conducted under the supervision of leaders of Azerbaijani and Turkish Ministries of Defence, which is to create a very solid foundation for the formation of a unified army of both countries. The regime in Iran should realize that Azerbaijan is a strong ally of Turkiye and Pakistan."

By Yunis Abdullayev 

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