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19 September, Thursday

“I am impressed by a good reputation that Morocco enjoys in Azerbaijan” - Ambassador Adil Embarch - PHOTOS

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On April 3, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Azerbaijan Adil Embarch held an event for representatives of 30 agencies and three big air companies in Azerbaijan. The event was also attended by specially invited guests from Morocco who delivered presentations about the Kingdom with top places to visit and sights to see.

The event opening video showed how one country can have an array of interesting sights that illustrates its rich culture, hospitality, beautiful modern and traditional style and diverse cuisine.

Ambassador Embarch welcomed the guests and noted his pleasure to know that the majority in the room have visited Morocco many times.

“In Morocco we do not measure the success of our tourism by the number of visitors but by the number of people who come back to visit Morocco. A number of visitors from Azerbaijan to Morocco is very well increasing. I am here already two years and a half and I am impressed by the good reputation that Morocco enjoys in Azerbaijan. This good reputation is a very good opportunity for travel agencies because they do not have to convenience people about the beauty of Morocco”, Ambassador said. 

He also told about the uniqueness of tourism in the Kingdom.

“People like to discover many new things in a very limited time. Morocco for many reasons is one of these very few amazing destinations. Wonderful sky resorts, beaches, deserts, cultural places, museums, gastronomy, which is very well known, you can see all of it in Morocco without spending much time. Partly, it is because of the history of Morocco, and its location at the crossroad of the civilizations and different cultures. That interaction makes Morocco quite unique. It is a beautiful mosaic that has so many components and you cannot take any of these pieces. 

The Moroccans are very proud of their culture. It is a combination of traditions and modernity. We have some similarities with other Arab countries, for historical reasons, but you also will find many differences. Morocco is the second oldest monarchy in the world that has existed as such more than 12 centuries. It has many amazing historical buildings and the oldest university in the world – Al Quaraouiyine. It was built by a woman in 859 AD. Moroccan women are very active and equal. Morocco was also the first country that recognized the independence of the USA and the oldest US Embassy in the world is located in Morocco. 

These are all things that Moroccans are really proud of and that they will be glad to show you when you visit the country”, Adil Embarch said. 

Samir Soussi, director at Moroccan National Tourist Office based in Russia delivered a presentation about Morocco as a very stable and safe country.  

“In the time when there were conflicts in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco was very save for visitors. This country offers a large number of tourist programs with good quality - not many countries can do the same. Morocco is a unique country where you can find several segments at the same time, but even this does not allow you to see all the beauty in one visit. With its climate and nature, Morocco is a very sunny country. Many people select this destination to have a wedding ceremony.

Sahara desert is a great place which attract many tourists with its history, architecture, palaces in the middle of the desert with large pools”, Samir Soussi said in his presentation. 

Oumhani Saaf, President of the Commission for promotion, studies, and strategies at the Regional Council of Tourism of Agadir Souss Massa talked about Agadir city.

“Agadir is a major city in mid-southern Morocco and it is known as the city where the people can swim all year around because of its unique climate. In Agadir, there are 300 sunny days in a year. Economy is based on three main sectors, fishing, tourism and agriculture. It is a luxury destination as people can find there the beaches, paradise valley, rocks and countryside. It has an amazing gastronomy, including Argan oil, known in Morocco as gold oil – which is used for eating and for cosmetics. Agadir is also famous with its very nice international airport and port where a lot of cargo arrives from different countries and a big stadium for major sport events”, Oumhani Saaf said.

A short video about Agadir city was shown at the end of the presentation.

The official part of the event was concluded with a speech of Zeynab Jahan who visited Morocco recently. She spoke about her impressions in Azerbaijani and French languages and presented some photos made by her during the trip.   

Immediately after, all guests could enjoy various types of Moroccan traditional cuisine.

Anastasia Lavrina

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