US State Department comments on Iran's position on Azerbaijan -

2 December, Thursday

US State Department comments on Iran's position on Azerbaijan

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US State Department spokesman Ned Price has commented on tension between Iran and Azerbaijan, Ned Price spoke about it in the press briefing, APA reports.

He answered journalist's question "We have seen statements if not actions from Iran against neighboring country Azerbaijan lately. They are threatening Azerbaijan on involving third parties to region. Are you at all bothered about – from those statements, and also particularly the fact that the U.S. interests and energy pipelines might be at stake in the region?"

"You mentioned Iran in a different context, but when it comes to the – our shared interest in a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA, that is something that we share with the Russian Federation. It is something that we’ve had an opportunity to discuss with the Russian Federation given our shared interest and seeing to it that Iran is not able, is never able, to acquire or obtain a nuclear weapon. When it comes to Iran’s regional activities, we have been very clear, broadly speaking, where we stand. Iran has been a destabilizing actor in many ways, including its support to proxies, its support to other regional actors, its threats and coercive statements more broadly," said US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

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