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28 January, Thursday

Dr. Gianmarco S. Italian specialist in Oral and Maxillo facial surgery gave a webinar in Simple talks by Dr. Sabrin

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A first online webinar in simple Talks by Dr. Sabrin Ali Azim that addressed Facial Fractures: principles and management of Middle Third was attended by Specialists from different countries such as Azerbaijan, Italy, United Arab Emirates , United States of America and Iran. This was done as a team of both Simple talks by Dr. Sabrin and Dr. Gianmarco Saponaro from Catholic University in Rome. 
Dr. Gianmarco Saponaro was hosted by two moderators Dr. Sabrin oral and maxillo facial surgeon who is currently working in United Arab Emirates and Dr. Parisa Foroughiasl Oral and maxillofacial surgeon from New York, United States of America. This webinar started with an introduction part by Dr. Parisa F. She highlighted the importance of organizing online webinars during this pandemic situation , she also noted that it’s a great time to share our knowledge. The importance of the topic was introduced as well. Dr. Sabrin introduced the speaker Dr. Gianmarco S., who is currently working in Italy at “A. Gemelli” Hospital as a researcher and consultant in oral and Maxillofacial surgery department, Rome. 
Dr. Saponaro opened the topic by highlighting the incidence of trauma cases in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery region , he also gave an information regarding the aetiology and different investigation techniques. He was kind enough to speak about the techniques that are currently used by Italian colleagues and compared to other new methods.
He highlighted the difference between pediatric and adults trauma patients. In the end of the lecture he showed his interest in arranging more webinars on trauma topic and he mentioned that it would be a pleasure to meet the colleagues from Azerbaijan in the country itself. 
A plenty of questions were given during the question and answer session , which shows that the attendants were impressed by the quality of lecture and were keen to learn more from the speaker. It was found that majority of the questions addressed the current Pandemic situation where the speaker highlighted the exact guidelines and also mentioned that majority of planned surgeries were delayed during this period of time.
The moderator found it a very interesting topic and mentioned that she got a positive feedback simultaneously from participants, she also stated that there was a lot of latest information and that it was interesting to know more from European colleague. Dr. Yusifov Reshid a specialist in Oral and maxillofacial surgery , Azerbaijan appreciated a speaker and asked him to give more information regarding the orbital trauma. A lot of questions were from a specialist Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Elnur Abdullayev from Azerbaijan, who had a very specific practical questions.
Dr. Parisa appreciated a great efforts of the speaker and the floor was given to 
Dr. Farinaz Irannejad specialist in Oral and maxillofacial surgery. She found it a very useful webinar and there was some of the information regarding the orbital treatment that she found very important as well.
Dr. Saponaro discussed the importance of sharing the knowledge among the countries which could positively affect the rate of successful treatment.
Dr. Sabrin ended this session by appreciating the great lecture by Dr. Saponaro and by discussing a future plan to oragnize a live conferences as it could be beneficial for specialists and young doctors as well.


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