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26 November, Thursday

"The beauty of Karabakh is felt when it is united with Azerbaijan" - Umud Mirzayev - VIDEO

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The Azerbaijani Army continues to write its successful history intended for the liberation of Karabakh. But we must not forget the past, and by our actions we must accelerate the successful conclusion of this occasion and prevent its recurrence.

Eurasia Diary reports that the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzayev took part in "Sahar-Sahar" program of the "ARB" TV channel and informed the audience about the current situation and historical realities.

First of all, explaining the purpose of the establishment of the IEPF, Umud Mirzayev said that it was to reach the problems of Azerbaijan and the voice of truth to the world audience.

The IEPF President noted that the organization possesses the highest status of the UN ECOSOC - "General Status". He noted that this status has made many opportunities for the organization.

"This status allows us to participate in conferences at the UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna. Every year, our events are held in two or three serious parallel sessions. In a number of UN publications, we make statements on the Karabakh problem openly and seriously. It is broadcasted in the audience of the UN and other serious organizations".

Then, paying attention to the path of liberation of Karabakh, Umud Mirzayev touched upon the depth and grandeur of the message of the President "Our work would be incomplete without Shusha." At the same time, he did not forget the people suffering from being internally displaced during this period.

"People have suffered a lot. We have been in a tragedy for almost thirty years. Maybe, most of the younger generation do not have information about this. Our 185 villages had been deported in Armenia. In November 1989, our last people were taken down from the mountains," he said.

Umud Mirzayev also recalled the history of the deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia.

On that date, 280,000 of us were believed to be driven out of Armenia, but in reality, a total of half a million people were deported. 217 Azerbaijanis were killed, 49 of them froze in the mountains while fleeing, 41 were brutally beaten to death, 35 were tortured to death, 115 were burned and 16 were shot".

The head of the IEPF said that Armenians committed acts of vandalism not only against living people, but also against the graves of dead people.

"About 1,000 gravestones were shot in the cemetery in our village. They shot their headstones as if they were alive."

He also informed about the social film "The Shot of Gravestones", which has been prepared on the initiative of the organization, reflects Armenian vandalism. This film has been presented to many foreign audiences.

Umud Mirzayev said he has been in the frontline since the beginning of the fighting and has seen the situation with his own eyes. He stressed that the Karabakh region was completely destroyed and ruined by Armenians.

"We are in contact with foreign journalists. They are all from the different countries. They are terrified when they see what happened."

Umud Mirzayev also noted that the operations continues successfully and he is happy to see them.

"Our generation is happy to see these days. Our border with Iran is under our full control. Khudafarin bridge is a very important place for our people."

 The IEPF President spoke about the beggining of the restoration works in the liberated settlements during the military operations.

"Our liberated territories are being restored. The road to Sugovushan is being built. The border issue has also been resolved. The villages are being provided with electricity." 

Speaking about his desire to return to the liberated lands, Umud Mirzayev said he will build several houses in those areas. He noted that the population wants to return to their native lands.

"Many people will build houses in Karabakh, Karabakh is an area like paradise. Its beauty is felt when it is wholly with Azerbaijan.”

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