Representatives of "Al Jazeera" Media Network visited AzTv

As Ednews reported, Managing Director of Al Jazeera Documentary, one of the main branches of the Al Jazeera Media Network, Ahmed Mahfouz and Manager of Planning & Scheduling, Adel Ksiksi,continue their visit to Azerbaijan at the invitation of the International Eurasia Press Fund.
Ednews reports that the guests visited "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasts" CJSC today. IEPF President Umud Mirzayev accompanied the guests to the meeting. They met with the chairperson of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC Rovshan Mammadov.
At the meeting, officials of the two television stations discussed the possibilities of cooperation.
Later, the guests got acquainted with AzTv's "Golden Fund". At the same time, they got acquainted with the digital center of the television, archive department.
Noted that this partnership is based on the memorandum of understanding concluded between IEPF and Al Jazeera Media Network.