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23 May, Thursday

Zarif's decision is a trick - Igor Pankratenko

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Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's resignation in Instagram has shaken the world agenda. Deputy director of Deputy Chairman of the Russian Center for Strategic Estimation and Forecasts Igor Pankratenko, commented Zarif's decision, explaining Eurasia Diary.

Pankratenko thinks that the decision was given without the advice of President Hassan Rouhani and calculated for his political course.

"Let's look, first of all the information is shared in Zarif's Instagram, then the president's office is denied this information, and only after a while, it is said that there is a resignation letter, but Rouhani does not intend to sign it," the expert thinks.

It is not yet clear whether he will resign or be persuaded. The broad publicizing campaign was launched for revising Zarif's decision.

Let's note that Mohammad Javad Zarif has declared his resignation three times previously.

"From the moment the political opponents began to seriously criticize the foreign policy course of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, he says nobody understands him and that the critics are poor and inexperienced," Pankratenko is explaining that Zarif is ready to go.

Today, Zarif, who has written his resignation yesterday, answers the questions of the "Cumhuri Islami" newspaper. Again he said everything was right. And if it is not taken into account, it only says that it is due to enemy forces that interfere with foreign policy and violate the work of the Foreign Ministry.

And this is the second special moment. Indirectly but understandable way Zarif tried to say that only the president and Foreign Ministry can carry foreign relations. Supreme Lider's Secretariat of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and others may sometimes assist in resolving certain issues. This, of course, clashed with the conservative sides and in a certain part of the Iranian government.

"So it is likely that this resignation can be claimed to be a trickster maneuver of Zarif, who hopes to be persuaded to stay in and will not be criticized for a while, and most importantly, the ministry will finally gain a monopoly in foreign policy," said the expert.

Pankratenko says the impact of this decision on the EU-Iran relations will depend on whether Zarif's resignation will be accepted and who will be appointed. Pankratenko said, "If he remains in this post, or if one of those who shares his myths and illusions in Iranian diplomacy will be appointed, nothing will change," the expert said.

If a different person comes, perhaps Iran's EU policy will be more pragmatic, more vigilant and more educated. This is probably also influenced Tehran's relations with Beijing.

"Moscow hand" can only exist if he or his advisers can't evaluate the partnership between Iran and Russia. Lack of Russian interest to such kind of partnership in federal and regional level can be the cause," Pankratenko said.

All this, of course, caused disappointment for the Iranians. They have been told the opposite things by the highest tribunes. So, it's more logical to note that not only the hand of Moscow but also its relation to Russia, is another item in the list of claims submitted by the Iranians to Zarif.


Ulvi Ahmedli

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