The worst scenario for Azerbaijan or Russian economy is in huge recession? - International experts - EXCLUSIVE -

6 December, Monday

The worst scenario for Azerbaijan or Russian economy is in huge recession? - International experts - EXCLUSIVE

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Recently, the new batch of the U.S sanctions on Russia came into force, envisaging non-foreign assistance, prohibition of weapons and dual- use products to Moscow. This package of sanctions did not affect relations between Azerbaijan and Russia in economic and political aspect. Furthermore, Azerbaijan demonstrated unconditional support towards Russia.

Eurasia Diary tried to figure out how these sanctions will affect Azerbaijani- U.S relations amid complete support of Russia from Azerbaijani side and how these sanctions will hurt Russian economy from international experts.

Andrey Kortunov, Russian political scientist and public figure, director-General of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs gave his comment linked with the recent event and possibility of the deterioration of relations between the U.S and Azerbaijan.

Картинки по запросу andrey kortunov

Andrey Kortunov - Russian political scientist, Director-General of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs

“As far as relations between Baku and Washington are concerned, we should keep in mind that Azerbaijan is not the only country, which has friendly relations with the U.S, but it does not support US sanctions against Russia. For example, we can mention Israel, which has never supported the U.S sanctions against Russia; moreover we can mention such country as South Korea, which acts the same way as Israel. One can argue that US nowadays use sanctions as an instrument to influence its own allies. We can provide an example, when the U.S introduced sanctions against Turkey, which is NATO member, so I hope that in terms of Azerbaijan- American relations, this position of the Azerbaijani leadership will not have significant impact on the overall positive relations between these 2 countries. At least I will be very surprised to see the U.S trying somehow to punish Azerbaijan for breaching U.S sanctions against Russia,” Kortunov added.

Eurasia Diary also touched upon the issue linked with an expected visit of new Armenian PM in the face of Nikol Pashinyan to Russia. Let us remind, on September 8th Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan will hold working visit to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian political expert underlined what is anticipated from this meeting and are there any incentives for dispute settlement between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Nagorno Karabakh.

“It should be admitted that Pashinyan unarguably is the 1st leader of Armenia, who is not directly to the Karabakh group (clan). He does not belong to this clan of people who came from Nagorno Karabakh and of course tries to defend the interest of this particular entity. So, one can deem, it is only an assumption, but we have to stress that the new leader of Armenia demonstrates more flexibility on the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh. Hopefully, he will be in a better position than his predecessors to try to reach some better position of accommodation with Azerbaijan. As far as I, concerned, the nightmare for Moscow is to see another new conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, that something we saw 2 years ago ( April battles). But, in my opinion such case of new emergency will not happen and both official Baku and Moscow will try to avert the possibility of the new looming conflicts”- Andrey Kortunov said.

Peter Tase, American journalist, expert on political and international relations at the University of Chicago, shared his thoughts on possible deterioration of relations between Azerbaijan and USA.

Картинки по запросу peter tase

Peter Tase - Political analyst

He mentioned that bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are steady, economic cooperation is stagnant, cultural exchange is on the rise (despite a great interest demonstrated by young Azerbaijani citizens towards western culture), as well as commercial cooperation is in a good stage.

"Political dialogue between Moscow and Baku is intensified; however, results have been missing over the last two decades. Observing the Foreign Policy and National Defense Strategy of Azerbaijan, there is a strategic cooperation (that has delivered concrete results) between the Government of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the Governments of United States and Israel.  Furthermore it is essential to note that Azerbaijan's Foreign Policy is pragmatic, matured and defends the national interests and territorial sovereignty of Azerbaijan.  The dialogue and cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan with the US State Department is highly productive and beneficial to the people of Azerbaijan, the results of this strategic partnership will be observed very soon, a significant part of this partnership is hidden from the public's eye.  According to various reliable public sources Azerbaijan has acquired a special, preferential place in the heart of US Foreign Policy, its Banking sector is assisting the US Department of Treasury and bilateral partnership is at its best moment," political analyst said. 

On the question how this batch of sanctions against Russia will affect Russian economy, Peter Tase replied in such way: “There are careful measures taken against the Russian economy throughout the neighboring countries of Russia; there is no doubt that US economic sanctions against Russia will have immediate consequences on its financial affairs, increase poverty and reduce wealth among its oligarchs. History has shown that Azerbaijan, headed by National Leader Heydar Aliyev, has harnessed democratic values that are still missing among many European Union member countries”.

Interviewed by Akber Bayramov

Correspondent of Eurasia Diary

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