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23 November, Saturday

Will American - Chinese relations normalize or deteriorate? - International expert - EXCLUSIVE

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One of the most spoken topics nowadays in world politics is the trade war between the USA and China. Let's recall what has happened between China and the U.S relations, which have been deteriorated, especially due to the imposition of trade tariffs by the U.S on China in big amounts. Moreover, China has threatened the American side with retaliatory measures. However, the response from the USA did not take long. The U.S representatives claimed that they might double these tariffs.  Despite this China and the USA have a long rooted clash at WTO over ideology and state's role.

Recently, China asked World Trade Organization (WTO), where it plays an important role along with the USA, to impose sanctions on the U.S for Washington's non-compliance with a ruling in a dispute over the U.S dumping duties that China initiated in 2013. In order to clarify this moment and predict the possibility of such action taken against the American side. We asked American expert Peter Tase to comment on this issue.

Peter Tase, an American journalist, expert on political and international relations at the University of Chicago shared his thoughts with Eurasia Diary.

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Peter Tase - political analyst

Peter Tase noted: " In fact, the People's Republic of China (PRC) has never had a good reputation within the World Trade Organization. Beijing has violated the environmental law of many African and Asian countries, it has conducted mining operations and "investments" that have permanently ruined the ecosystem of many countries. The United States government has done a dynamic work on imposing economic sanctions on the PRC, however, there is more work to be done towards confronting Chinese intelligence operations in the U.S territory and holding accountable the Chinese Intelligence Agencies for stealing America's military and technological secrets".

Another issue which is outspokenly interesting for the World Community is Trump's attempt to halt funds for China and India. In his statement, President Trump stressed that he regards the U.S as a developing country, that is why he is intended to stop the investment for China and India, which he sees as potential contenders. Especially, China is the main economic rival for the U.S in the eyes of American officials, economists and politicians as well. Trump also said that he is not interested in any state to develop faster than the U.S. 

Peter Tase also gave his commentaries concerning this issue and answered on the question, how this action taken by the U.S against China can affect the U.S - Chinese and the U.S- Indian relations.

He said: " The U.S will continue to maintain diplomatic relations with China and India, at the same time commercial and trade cooperation will experience various changes for the betterment of the U.S economy and President Donald Trump is a true statesman and has embraced genuine values of statecraft".


Interviewed by Akber Bayramov

Correspondent of Eurasia Diary

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