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19 April, Monday

Armenia will not be allowed to violate the agreements on Karabakh

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I visited Aghdam, Khojaly and Ganja and saw the mass destruction.

Russian expert on international conflicts, research journalist Yevgeny Mikhailov told Eurasia Diary.

The political expert was surprised that over the years Armenians have built only two buildings in Agdam:

"They haven't build it, they've repaired the place where the soldiers lived, they've destroyed everything else. Graves have been looted, mined everywhere, trees have been cut down and damaged in the gardens - that means, they haven't made anything better. I don't know if the Armenian separatists will be able to find a point of contact between the peoples after what they have done there. I would like them to make peace. Time heals the wounds, maybe a generation will change and peace will completely be established. But this requires efforts. We visited the place where Khojaly residents were buried. Of course, this tragedy has not yet been properly assessed by the entire world community. There have been a lot of journalists, and I very much hope that they will tell the leaders of their countries how deep the tragedy that Azerbaijan is trying to convey to the world."

The expert then shared his opinion about what the Armenians had perpetrated at the burial place of the Karabakh khans.

“That was also surprising. Ruins in the house of the khan of the 18th century, pigs in mosques. I really would not want such an attitude towards the faith of others. I saw mosques in a terrible condition in Aghdam, the smell of pigs and ruins. Doing such things, they showed their attitude toward other faiths and cultures. However, Azerbaijanis take care of Armenian churches while Armenians destroyed everything. There is a restored church in the centre of Baku. Why don't Armenians do it themselves? That means they have to be educated for a long time, or others have to educate them. "

In the end, Mikhailov touched upon the internal political crisis in Armenia. According to him, Pashinyan is trying to retain power.

"I do not know how profitable it is for Pashinyan to resign. In any case, he signed an agreement. It could be worse if someone replaced it. But it will not be worse. Basically, Russia will not allow it. "Regardless of the outcome of the domestic political situation in Armenia, I think that, first of all, Russia will not allow the violation of the agreements reached on Karabakh."

By Huseyn Safarov

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