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21 April, Wednesday

The delirium of an Armenian talebearer - Armenian blogger gives Azerbaijan an ultimatum - VIDEO

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The war in Nagorno-Karabakh ended several months ago, but not for the Armenians. The defeated people do not want to hear that now they will have to live with it. They just prefer to seek solace in latent revanchism. With such a typical understanding not only ruling government or politicians, but also ordinary Armenians consider themselves political strategists and experts in this sphere or another. The results of their activities, of course, evoke nothing but laughter and pity. So the deeds of some Armenian pseudo-expert community are often far from facts and logic. Moreover, all these conclusions are purely speculative, without the use of real statistical data, and it is difficult to fit in with reality.

One of these broadcasters of the Armenian surra is Vardan Gukasyan, whose nickname is also “Dog”. He considers himself a blogger and the speaking mouth of all Armenian public that obviously presents everything in a distorted form. It would seem that one can stop and attrackted at the nickname "Dog", rather than what he makes.

Vardan Gukasyan has also a very scandalous background information. Vardan Ghukasyan, nicknamed "Dog", was a former military police officer and was considered one of the closest person to the head of the military police Vladimir Gasparyan. After the appointment of Vladimir Gasparyan to the post of Chief of the Police Administration of the RA, Gukasyan got a tranfer from the military police to the civil police. The former police chief, however, fired Ghukasyan twice, in 2013 and 2014.

Gukasyan did not remain unemployed for long after being fired for pushing and insulting a journalist of the online newspaper “Khetk”. Just three and a half months later, he was appointed deputy head of the Charbakh police station. But in 2014, by order of Gasparyan, he was dismissed not only from his post, but also from the police system in general.

In 2015, Gukasyan was sentenced to 4 years in prison for organising extortion. Dog extorted money by means of the representatives of the most ancient profession. But the most important thing that can be distinguished from the scandalous background of Gukasyan is that he has shot his compatriots, civilians, who came out to the demonstration on March 1, 2008.

It should be reminded that after the presidential elections in Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan's supporters refused to recognise the polls of the Central Election Commission and came out to protest 24-hour round the clock. At the 2008 demonstrations at the centre of Irevan, 10 people were killed as a result of using military weapons against them. So, Gukasyan was one of those who shot his own people at that event.

This time, Gukasyan, a cunning blackmail professional and the one who shot his people appeals to the Azerbaijani authorities with baseless claims by frivolously distorting the facts in his video.

Above all, the video is full of contradictions. As is clear from the video message, Gukasyan is not satisfied with the statements of the President of Azerbaijan, which Ilham Aliyev made on February 26 at a press conference for representatives of local and foreign media. However, in this case, the indignation of the Armenian blogger is understandable. Obviously, the truth hurts, in contrast to the lie that is innate to Armenians. That is why Gukasyan and many other Armenians like him cannot digest it.

Meanwhile, the correspondent of Eurasia Diary, the International Information and Analytical Portal appealed to the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzaev with a request to comment on the words of Vardan Gukasyan.

Umud Mirzaev noted that at the beginning of his appeal the author of the absurd video distorts the words of Ilham Aliyev: “According to Gukasyan, the President of Azerbaijan stated that Armenia should not have weapons. In fact, Ilham Aliyev appealed to the Russian side with an appeal to stop arming Armenia. Ilham Aliyev said in his speech that in the fall of 2020, during the war in Karabakh, Armenia deliberately used missile systems to strike residential areas of Azerbaijani cities.

“We brought this to the attention of the Russian side and in a conversation with Putin, I said him that he urged Armenia to abandon such actions and that otherwise we would have no other choice and we would start bombing their cities. Everything was at gunpoint. Our missiles can easily reach Yerevan and not only from Nakhchivan, but also from other regions of Azerbaijan. And we could demonstrate this at any moment,” the president has said. Ilham Aliyev has also stated that at a time he offered Russia to return Iskander complexes from Armenia and stop transferring weapons to Yerevan free of charge. I would advise Gukasyan, instead of spreading lies and distorting well-known facts, to mention the vandalism that Ghukasyan's compatriots staged in the Azerbaijani lands. This, at least, would contribute to the consolidation of peace in the region."

As for the question of the Armenian blogger, why Azerbaijan buys modern weapons from Turkey, Israel and other manufacturing countries, the IEPF President replied that for about 30 years Azerbaijan had been trying to return its lands in a peaceful way:

“The world community knows very well that for about 30 years Azerbaijan has tried to seat the Armenian leadership at the negotiating table. However, in response, we saw only provocations that suited the Armenian side in order to preserve the status quo. But unlike Gukasyan and other propagandists like him, any sane person understood that soon or late Azerbaijan would return its lands. And in this case, it was Armenia that chose the military way of resolving the conflict, not Azerbaijan. For this reason, Armenian propagandists should address this issue to their government, since the blame lies entirely with them. The fact that we endured the Armenian occupation for almost 3 decades demonstrated that we wanted a peaceful settlement."

Furthermore, U.Mirzaev emphasised that speaking about the 8th clause of the trilateral agreement, Gukasyan again, out of habit, distorted the facts:

“It is noteworthy that being a member of the military police in the past, Gukasyan does not understand elementary things and accuse Azerbaijan that we allegedly did not return the captured Armenian citizens. Clause 8 of the agreement refers to the return of prisoners of war who were captured before the date of the agreement, that is, before November 9. And besides, the trilateral agreement deals specifically with prisoners of war, and not separatists, saboteurs and terrorists, who to this day are conducting subversive activities. The latter will have to answer for their terrorist activities to the fullest extent of the law of AR. Moreover, being a blogger and having an audience, Gukasyan could urge his citizens to refrain from such provocations, rather than call for them. In general, there is such a peculiarity in the mentality of Armenians - they hide their guilt behind shouting, accusing others. If you pay attention to the Armenian propaganda, you will understand that they create noise in order to draw the attention of people. In general, what can be expected from a person who, in his video, promotes the Nazi henchman Garegin Nzhdeh and the terrorist and murderer Monte Melkonyan?"

Moreover, the IEPF President touched upon the blogger's empty threats, in which Gukasyan unashamedly demonstrated his political illiteracy, ignorance of the situation, pretending to be an expert and posing with the importance of talking goose about the Armenian missile attacks on Nakhchivan:

“Today even a child knows that in the exclave of Nakhichevan Azerbaijan is carrying out a significant build-up of arms, thereby increasing the strategic importance of the territory of Azerbaijan. If the blogger had logic at least at the level of a primary school pupil, or at least glanced at the map, he would see that Nakhchivan is closest to Yerevan and other strategic goals in the Armenian territory. Using Internet resources for good purposes, Gukasyan would know that Azerbaijan has created a new unit in Nakhichevan, known as the United Army Group (Special Forces). There is also new air defense systems in the exclave, as well as stationing missiles and artillery, including the Smerch, T-300 Kasirga and T-122 Sakarya missile systems. Also, joint military exercises with Turkey are held there annually. In addition, knowing the current capabilities of Armenia, both in the military and in the political and economic situation, Vardan's words look more like a chimera than a thought. However, what we can talk about showed everything clearly during the Second Karabakh - who is capable of what”.

“And I don't even want to comment on empty threats and ultimatums, which are more like nonsense,” the IEPF President added:

"The blogger, who has previously been accused on blackmailing women of weak social status, delivers an ultimatum to the winning country that his country (from which for some reason he is hiding in Paris) will not comply with the points of the agreement if Azerbaijan does not return all the prisoners. The picture is difficult to imagine. Besides, for some unknown reason, Gukasyan proudly focuses on the captive citizens of other countries, but by ethnicity, Armenians. Thus, he introduces them to the public as servicemen of the regular troops of Armenia. However, they are Armenian nationals who in fact, live in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, and are members of such terrorist organizations as "ASALA", "Armenakan", "Dashnaktsutyun", “Gegaron”.

Well, it would be better if Gukasyan spoke about his Armenia rather than getting entangled in political issues. That would be more beneficial for Armenians. He’d better tell about the total crisis in his country that could be even more current for other bloggers perhaps to discuss about. 


By Huseyn Safarov

Translated by Elnur Enveroglu 


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