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18 April,

Pashinyan’s chances are high to be re-elected after snap elections - Expert

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Following the November 10 agreement, the protests in Armenia continues at a variable pace. Along with the protests, the demand for the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation has provoked the masses in front of the Parliament building in Yerevan. The growing demands of both the opposition and the Armenian military leadership for toppling down the minister from his position have been of a great concern. Last day another scandal came from the contradictions between the president Armen Sarksyan and Nikol Pashinyan over rejection of decision to dismiss the head of General Staff of Armenia Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan. The situation is getting more serious as the Head of General Staff still remains in his position, however the supporters of the PM could overcome the anti-government powers which presently may ensure his remaining in his ministerial post.  

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Speaking to Eurasia Diary director at political Science Association of Armenia Benyamin Poghosyan has also made brief comments on the situation. 

According to him, the situation in Armenia yet remains tense and political crisis increasingly continues. 

“There is a high level of polarization in society. Some parts demand resignation of Prime Minister, others demand resignation but do not want to see forces associated with politicians who governed in Armenia before 2018 again getting upper hand. However there are some groups that still strongly support Prime Minister”.

The expert also touched upon the recent incongruity between the president Armen Sarksyan and the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan over rejection of the president to sing the document for the dismissal of the head of General Staff Onik Gasparyan. It was noted that the opposition groups had suggested that the President could be impeached under the constitution for rejecting the legitimate decision of the Prime Minister.

“This could be possible but the ruling “My Step Alliance” does not have enough votes (2/3) in the Parliament to impeach President. However, they have enough votes to start the process and to apply to the Constitutional court. In any case, prospects for President’s impeachment are very low”.

Answering the question about why the president Sarksyan opposed the decision of the PM, Poghosyan explained he only wanted to provide stability for the situation. He also added that the president had no any implication acting under influence of any political forces in the country.    

“I believe President wants to find ways to overcome current crisis. Given the high level of political tensions in the country, decision to fire the Chief of General Staff may trigger even bigger crisis. I don’t believe he is under influence of any political force in Armenia”.

In conclusion, Armenian political expert Benyamin Poghosyan forecasted the political processes in the country whether Pashiyan will be able to stay in power following the growing protests. 

“Most probably, Armenia will face snap parliamentary elections until the end of 2021. If Pashinyan remains the acting Prime Minister during the campaign, his chances are quite high to be re-elected as Prime Minister after the elections. However, if interim government is formed after his resignation then snap elections will take place later, and he may obviously lose the power,” he added.


By Elnur Enveroglu

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