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19 October, Tuesday

Closeness of Iran with Armenia used for illegal arms trade and human trafficking - Expert

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Military posturing and signaling is now at its peak in the South Caucasus. During the ongoing Three Brother-2021 military exercises of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan, neighboring country Iran has once again amassed its military forces on the borders of Azerbaijan. The timing of this military build-up has actually alarmed Azerbaijan’s government and it was really a surprise for its armed forces too, said Mehmood Ul Hasan Khan, Pakistani expert on Eurasian studies. 

Touching upon the recent activities of Iranian regime against Azerbaijan, Ul Hasan Khan said that during 44 days war, Iran did not support Azerbaijan's right stance towards the liberation of its legal territory - Karabakh from Armenian occupation.   

"Even during 2020 Iran started a full-fledged military exercise on the borders of Azerbaijan and in a way diverted focus of Azerbaijan from its newly liberated areas development and security arrangement and supported Armenia to gain more and more time unfortunately. Iran has been indulged in numerous kinds of escalations in the past. During the famous 44 days 2nd liberation war against Armenia, Iran did not support Azerbaijan’s efforts and diplomatic stance. Ironically, Iran has been supporting Armenia in the past". 

"Most recently, Azerbaijan border forces arrested two Iranian truck drivers carrying supplies to Armenia forces in Karabakh due to which bilateral relations have been worsened," he added. 

According to Pakistani expert, for the last thirty years, Iran has been using illegally occupied areas of Azerbaijan under Armenian control for smuggling, money laundering, human and drugs trafficking.

 "Armenian areas have been a safe haven for Iranians black market activities. Iran has been supporting Armenia politically, economically and financially since the past which has been pinching for Azerbaijan". 

Being prominent regional expert of Azerbaijan and South Caucasus Ul Hasan Khan submit that military cooperation, economic partnership, political liaison, social intimacy and geographic closeness of Iran with Armenia has been further consolidated for the last so many years which has been used for even illegal trade of arms, missiles, drugs, human trafficking and last but not least, money laundering. Smugglers of both sides have marriage of convenience and both have been indulged in economic terrorism too.

"I regard that the bilateral relations between Iran and Azerbaijan have not been in good shape after Raisi coming to power. In this case Azerbaijan border security forces should be vigilant and try to stop any kind of arms, money or financial supplies to Armenia. Moreover, armed forces of Azerbaijan and especially its Air Forces should be extra watchful to stop these activities which are like stabbing from the back," he concluded. 

DR Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan, a professional researcher and expert on the region studies, especially the Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Eastern Asia.






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