The drone attack on Iran's military facilities organised by itself - The New York Times says -

27 March, Monday

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The drone attack on Iran's military facilities organised by itself - The New York Times says

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The New York Times in its latest article has explained why the drones that struck the military infrastructure in Iranian Isfahan were most likely launched from the territory of Iran, Ednews reports.
Iran attacks its own military facilities, the New York Times says
According to the author, the military plant was attacked by attack quadrocopters with four propellers, the peculiarity of which is their short flight range.
"Local media said the attack involved three quadcopter suicide drones, and it was similar to a strike carried out against a nuclear centrifuge factory belonging to Iran’s Atomic Agency in June 2021 and one carried out against a Hezbollah facility in Beirut in August 2019. The latter attack destroyed what Israeli officials described as machinery vital to Hezbollah’s missile production efforts," the article says.
Moreover, as the New York Times author pointed out, Isfahan is located far from Iran's international borders, which again indicates that most likely the UAVs were launched from the territory of Iran.
The author reminded that the government did not say who was behind the attempted attack, but some Telegram channels linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) pointed the finger at Israel.
Meanwhile, a series of powerful explosions occurred on Sunday night at military infrastructure facilities in Iran. An air alert has been issued in a number of cities.
"On the evening of January 28, 2023, at about 23:30 (23:00 GMT+4), an unsuccessful attack was carried out using drones on one of the centers of the Ministry of Defense. One of them was shot down by an air defense system, and the other two fell into defensive traps and exploded," Iranian Defense Ministry said.

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