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18 July, Thursday

The secret of the file Turkish province in the hands of the ISIS leader

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As it was reported leader terrorist group Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s video spread before the five-year break. This video clips propagation purpose and it has been shot these days, there is some interesting momentum in these video clips, so Baghdadi has a file in his hand and there is ‘’Turkish province’’ word was written the Arabic language on that file.

What mystery of this file and what message would Isis leader wanted to give with ‘’Turkish province’’.   

Eurasia Dairy informs citing to, BBC security reporter Frank Gardner said that video clips remind former ‘’ Al-Giada’’ leader Osama Bin Laden. According to Frank, Baghdadi wants to deliver in this video Isis still not exhausted and it will continue jihad.

Gardner says that Turkish province file will provide strengthen Isis activity in Turkey. He also said now Isis supporter’s get inspires from this video and so they shared a lot of thing in the social network.

Turkish expert Abdullah Agar said ISIS’s Turkish province file appears for the first time. According to him, Isis divided Turkish province 3 part in caliphate composition and they showed South-East area as a Kurdistan, Northern area as a Caucasian, other areas as an Anatolia. Now they combined and they are reviewed like Turkish province.  Turkey was threatened in this video. Abdullah Agar told local media that this video is a blackmail video.

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