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19 April, Monday

Azerbaijan’s history is the history of struggle - Pakistani global youth activist

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Azerbaijan’s history is the history of struggle and sacrifices against Armenian oppression. Today is the day of paying highest tribute to all those who struggled for integrity and sovereignty of their motherland. This statement was given to Eurasia Diary by Engr. Qaiser NAWAB, a global youth activist based in Islamabad.

On the 29th anniversary of the commemoration of the massacre in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly, the Founder Pakistan-Azerbaijan Alumni Association, Mr. Nawab paid utmost homage to all those who lost their lives in the 1992 atrocity, which was  a result of the illegal occupation of the Azerbaijani territory by Armenia. The genocide perpetrated by Armenian aggressors in Khojaly was one of the most monstrous crimes committed not only against Azerbaijanis but also against all of humanity and civilisation. This crime was the next stage of Armenia’s aggressive policy of genocide against Azerbaijanis. Khojaly event is not the first example of Armenia’s anti-Azerbaijan vandalism, as the massacre of Azerbaijanis in Baku, Guba, Shamakhi and other cities in 1918 proved Armenian’s barbarism based on ethnic hatred. The world must know that this crime was directed not only against the Azerbaijani people, but also against the whole civilized world. We Pakistanis will not forget its pain over the years and will experience its sadness over and over again. In 1992, when I was a new born kid in a small locality of Southern Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa, Pakistan, it was a time of unrest in different parts of the world including Afghanistan, Iraq and particularly Azerbaijan. All these incidents which were carried out against the suppression of humanity, also affected my mind and soul and during my adulthood, I personally launched a youth movements of peace on various platforms and established the global youth –led organization “THE” Society – Together for Health and Education etc. I remember with mercy our 613 Azerbaijani brothers and sisters who were mercilessly murdered, regardless of women, children or elderly people, and I express my condolences to the friendly and brotherly Azerbaijani people. We are one nation, two states. We, as Pakistanis, will continue to support the just struggle of Azerbaijan forever" he said. 

During my repeated academic travels to Azerbaijan, I have found that Azerbaijani society is a peace loving society, it is harmonious and inclusive society and furthermore, I have a deep regards of their hospitality and respect for Pakistan. The people of Azerbaijan are welcoming, open hearted and they believe on plurality and diversity. Any type of aggression on such a society is considered an aggression on human values attached with this society. We stand with Azerbaijan in promotion of great humanistic values and against all those forces who are involved in disrupting humanity.

"In the attacks of Khojaly, more than a thousand people were taken prisoner. Unfortunately, the fate of missing people is still unknown. We know that the wounds caused by the Khojaly Massacre, which took place in front of the world's eyes, are still fresh. We feel the pain of dear Azerbaijan deep in our heart, and we share it," Mr. Nawab said.

Wishing God's mercy for those who lost their lives in the inhumane massacre and offering condolences to the people of Azerbaijan, Pakistanis respectfully remembers the memories of victims. Indeed, this merciless and cruel genocide was the most dreadful mass terror act in the history of humankind. 

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