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21 July,

Restaurants are more important than historical castle? - Everything is not like you thought

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The Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher" said opinions about city walls damaged by reconstruction processes.

It is noticed in Administration disclosure that since the end of previous year, expanding the area of café terraces project is built along the City Walls at the street of “Kichik Gala” by The Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher".

Additionally, purpose of the project is not encompassing the aim of construction, just building one-floor, glass cafe terraces made by glass and light materials.

"In this style building process does not damage City Walls, and not have bad cause to harm the view and structure of Icharishahar. In any size, construction processes are designed and synchronized because of inner city architectural style in terms of internal and external view and only process can be begun after the permission of Administration"-added in report.

Staff of The Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher" stated that “it is the most amusing that when I came to work this morning, I saw 3 youth who was searching something- 1 man, 2 women. They are walking around the area with the phone on their hands. I approached and wanted to help them. They showed me photos of towers in 2011 when it was destructed in Soviet period and restoring processes was made by Administration.  (it was spread in mass media as new ) I said that let’s go to the same address. We came same address and showed them same tower where had been reconstructed, we suprised. They asked where is destructed place in photo. This place is not same place where we saw. They keep silent, and I continued my way with say farewell to young persons and enjoying the weather. Everything is not like you thought, dear fake news writers. Your provocation is out of reality.”

These 2 disclosures persuade people to making building processes in regular and legal form, secured the city, on the other side as a result news and photos is turned to the fake information. But some questions make anxious Baku citizens. “The building restaurants are more important in front of city walls?” they are more important than our heritage Castle? Of course, during the building restaurant any harm is not noticed to the tower. But such modern restaurants break the view of our heritage. Baku is the most sightseeing city and tourists visit this place because of that modernism and classicism is inside each other.

Touching such monuments are prohibited by law in European cities where are rich with historical castles. In my opinion, we also keep Baku city and our history untouchable.

Nijat Ismailov

Translated by Azad Nuriyev

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