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26 June, Wednesday

'World's loneliest duck' Trevor dies on tiny Niue

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A lone duck named Trevor that lived on the tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has died, officials say, sparking an outpouring of grief from as far away as New Zealand.

The celebrity mallard found fame last year after a visiting journalist from New Zealand discovered that his makeshift home, near a puddle, was used for directions.

One of the world's biggest coral islands, Niue does not have natural ponds or wetlands, so when Trevor turned up a year ago he was believed to have blown in from New Zealand with a storm.

He quickly settled down in a large puddle near a road that the Niue fire service later topped up with water, the ABC reported.

He became so famous locally that when the New Zealand Herald's deputy political editor Claire Trevett visited the island nation, she found he had been incorporated into street directions.

Trevor Mallard, the speaker of New Zealand's House of Representatives after whom the late duck was named, offered his condolences.

"Deepest sympathy to the people of Niue from the Parliament of New Zealand," Mallard wrote on the duck's Facebook death notice.


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