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20 May, Monday

Secret why Michael Jackson’s skin changed colour - REVEALED

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Since the King of Pop’s death in 2009, debates around the extravagant changes to his appearance and child abuse allegations have not died down. While the latter were fuelled by a recent documentary that the Jackson family has criticised, the history of his cosmetic surgeries and secret health problems have been disclosed in an autopsy report.

The autopsy also reportedly set the record straight about the debates around Jackson’s changing skin colour, which he insisted to be the result of vitiligo, a condition when the skin partially loses its pigmentation.

The newspaper cites Dr Christopher Rogers, who oversaw the post-mortem probe, and confirmed these claims.

"So, some areas of the skin appear light and others appear dark", he said.

Apart from the traces of changes that Jackson voluntarily underwent in the course of his life, his body also bears the marks of the paramedics’ struggle to save his life during its final minutes. These CPR attempts, which turned out to be in vain, reportedly caused chest bruising and cracked ribs.


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