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24 July, Wednesday

Unfinished conflict of decades: Israel-Palestine - Interview by Hugh Miles

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine remains unfinished. Several solutions were proposed but the reconciliation wasn't achieved.

Eurasia Diary touched upon the conflict and the influence of this on two nations. Hugh Miles is an editor of Arab Digest. He gave an exclusive interview to Eurasia Diary about the evaluation of the unfinished conflict.

What is the root of the dissatisfaction between two nations?

The origins of the conflict go back to Jewish immigration and intercommunal conflict in Mandatory Palestine between Arabs and Jews. Although that happened in the mid-twentieth century since then the two sides never reached a peace agreement and so it has just gone on and on.

What is the need of Jews and Palestinians in this conflict? What is the position of the society?

The need of Jews and Palestinians in this conflict is truth, justice, and reconciliation. Unfortunately, very few people on either side have that in mind at the present time. The Palestinians are weak, divided and in desperate need of new leadership. The Israelis have the Palestinians under a brutal military occupation in contravention of international law.

How two nations are reconciled, or is there any chance?

Israel sees no reason to stop its domination of the Palestinians as they pay no penalty for their behavior and so see no reason to modify it. There is no chance of peace in the foreseeable future. There could be another war at any time though.

How the status of Jerusalem should be determined with the consent of two nations?

The Holy City of Jerusalem is endowed with unique spiritual, religious and cultural dimensions and the United Nations has adopted numerous resolutions specifically aimed at protecting and preserving this special status dating back to the 1947 UN Partition Plan that sought to establish a special regime for the city.

Despite the clear special protected status of the City of Jerusalem, Israel, the occupying power, adopted a set of illegal policies to gradually acquire control over the territory, including by the illegal use of force and by imposing illegal administrative and legislative measures, in an attempt to annex the city.

Interviewed by Ulvi Ahmedli

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