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10 April, Friday

Uighur Turkish women are sexually abused by 1 million 600 thousand Chinese officials - Chair of the National Assembly of Eastern Turkistan - VIDEO

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The Chair of the National Assembly of Eastern Turkistan Seyid Tumturk gave exclusive statement to Eurasia Diary regarding despotism against Uygurs in Eastern Turkistan.

According to Seyid Tumturk, for three years, despotism has reached to the high level in Eastern Turkistan. The statements and documents released by the Organisation of the United Nations and the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council informed that more than 1 million Uygurs have been subjected to torture in captive camps and prisons in China.

“However, our estimations claim that this number is more than 5 million,” Tumturk said.

Secretary of the National Assembly noted that unprecedented genocide, immorality and assimilation policy is being carried out against Uygurs under “umbrella of Pair Up and Become Family.” He means, in the region of Eastern Turkistan 1 million 600 thousand Chinese male governors have been settled in houses where Uygur women and girls living, and they are demanded to touch Muslim women and girls, who are holy for Uygur nation’s honour. Uygur girls attempt to suicide in order to protect themselves from Chinese men.

“Our honour is not only for the 35 million Muslim Uighur Turks, but also for the whole world and for the whole humanity,” Tumturk said.

Representative of Eastern Turkistani people touched important point  that his nation’s future is under the threat, and Uygurs live in fear that China will torment them with the hands of their children, due to fact that one million Uygur children in reformatory camps are forced to eat pork, are taught about communist and atheistic ideologies. All of them lead their children to be mercenaries of Communist party and enemies of their homeland, nation, religion, faith and family.

He also added that nearly 500,000 healthy Eastern Turkistan men, between the ages of 20 and 45, are carried to the internal areas of China, in where their organs are taken out to meet the needs for organs of Chinese politicians, generals and businessmen. The rest of their organs are sold to the wealthy Arabs and oil magnates and are also broadcasted on official websites.

“Human honour is trampled in the East Turkistan. There is no guarantee among Uygurs, including men, women and children for the protection of their dignity and honour, also other things they possess. We have no right to exercise our rights provided by the Universal Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations. We have no right to be born and live. Mothers have no right to bear more than one baby, and when they become pregnant for second baby, they are forced to abort it. Therefore, at least 15 million Uygur women are deprived of right to bear. Our young girls are employed in the places, in where there is strong immorality. Moreover, 35 million Uygurs have been pushed into the circumstance of the assimilation policy,” Tumturk stressed.

Seyid Tumturk further emphasized that allegations over the tortures what being committed in Eastern Turkistan have been rejected by China for three years. The United Nations and the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Parliament have announced that more than 1 million Muslim Uighur Turks have been prosecuted in China's captive camps and prisons, immediately demanded the closure of the camps and the release of the Muslim Uighur Turks. China has rejected it. Then, images of torture camps which were taken from satellite have been released. China has denied it. Kazakhstan’s citizens who have been released from camps informed international media and news agencies concerning torment, violence and human drama which are going there. Finally, China under urgency has acknowledged it after the images of the camps were broadcasted by the agencies. Chinese authorities said, They have reformatory labour camps, but there is no torture there.

“China, under the guise of reform and ideological purity has been torturing Uygurs, with forcing them to forget their national and religious identity. East Turkestani people are martyred and they are suffering. And this fight should be described not only as hard trial of the people of Eastern Turkistan, but also the test of all humanity, the Islamic world and the Turkic world,” Tumturk said.


Interviewed by Tabriz Abbasov


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