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18 May, Tuesday

Being desperate the US trying to squeeze Turkey from all sides

Their goal is whether to convince or neutralize Turkey by certain means they want

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The claim of so-called "Armenian genocide", the "product" of Armenian fairy tales, has come to agenda again. Joseph Biden, who has just taken over the post in the United States and was pleasant and smiling on his first visit, is looking for a stone to throw at Turkey. This time instead of a stone, he has taken the excuse of "Armenian genocide" against Turkey.
According to an official statement issued yesterday, more than 100 White House representatives have come together and urged President Joseph Biden to recognise the so-called "Armenian genocide." The United States, which has previously confronted Turkey on many controversial issues, has used the fabrication of the "Armenian genocide" as a tool of political pressure, but has not been able to achieve the desired result. But today the situation has changed.
On Saturday, President Biden said he would officially recognise the so-called "Armenian genocide." It is questionable in what direction the situation will continue if Biden fulfills his promise and recognises the "genocide".
In his interview to Eurasia Diary, political analyst Teymur Gasimli has clarified the issue.
Unutmayaq ki, Azərbaycan üç imperiyanın varisi ilə qonşudur - Teymur Qasımlı  |
- US President Joe Biden said yesterday that he would recognise the so-called "Armenian genocide". What is Biden's prejudice against Turkey, who has been behaving noblely since the day he took office?
- Undoubtedly, the United States has its own state interests. Even if he recognises the fake "Armenian genocide", nothing will change. So far, there have been countries that have recognised the fake genocide, but it has had no effect. As for the background of the issue, I would like to note that all these decisions are based on the intentions of the unofficial president Kamala Harris. It is known that Harris, the vice president of the United States and her family are pro-Armenians, and this greatly affects the views of White House officials.
On the other hand, Biden and Erdogan know each other well. President Erdogan, in particular, knows that the United States is concerned about relations between Turkey and Russia. He called on Turkey to abandon the S-400, but also on Syria to do what it wants and not to approach Iran on the issue. It is true that the Trump administration turned a blind eye to this at the time, but the Biden administration is unequivocally critical of these issues.
In addition, I would like to note that the Erdogan government is currently working hard in Washington to realise a meeting between Biden and Erdogan. Erdogan's invitation to the climate change conference is a sign of this.
- The United States has previously tried to put pressure on Turkey using Greece. Even the decision to completely exclude Turkey from the F-35 programme can be of a clear example. Do you think the issue of the "Armenian genocide" can be a new US plan of pressure? In other words, will the United States decline this decision whenever Turkey persuades it to do what it wants?
- It is known that the pain of the United States is associated with the S-400s. In other words, the United States is trying to take revenge on the S-400 and put pressure on Turkey under the pretext of the Armenian issue. Apart from that, it is impossible to say whether the United States has any prejudice against Turkey. Because the United States is well aware that it is impossible for it to penetrate the Middle East and Caucasus without Turkey. That is why there are many behind-the-scenes issues in US-Turkish relations. Although Turkey has received S-400s, it has not yet activated them, and of course, the United States can change its decision at any time if Turkey takes any step in accordance with the wishes of the United States.
I would like to note another nuance that the US Ambassador to Ankara is holding closed meetings with Turkish opposition leaders. The goal here, of course, is to lead or neutralize Turkey by certain means.
- Armenians are trying to bring the unknown event of 100 years to the attention of the world. However, the international community ignores the Armenian atrocities in Nagorno-Karabakh over the past 30 years. Do you think that this decision of the United States should be condemned by international organisations?
- The steps taken by the United States so far have been discussed in international organisations, documents have been adopted, but there has been no political impact. I do not think it is important that international organisations do not condemn the United States in the Armenian issue. As I mentioned earlier, all this has a political purpose, and any international body or organisation is well aware that these allegations are nonsense.

By Elnur Enveroglu

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