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17 October,

Who will recognize the Taliban? - These countries can be in the first place

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The Taliban, which has taken full control of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting with the United States and its former government, is going to announce a new government. 
A government has already been introduced, but the main condition is the recognition of the Taliban, which is trying to build a state governed by Sharia law. Although no country in the world recognizes the Taliban government, there are those who are reluctant to express their views freely in the international arena, but see the Taliban as an absolute power and are trying to find common ground with them in order to pursue their interests in Afghanistan. For example, Russia and China, which are close to it, as well as India are eager to negotiate with the Taliban.
Another nuance is that the names of several Taliban leaders are on the US wanted list. For example, Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund is on the UN sanctions list. Interior Minister Mullah Sirajuddin Haqqani is a direct enemy of Washington. His name was added to the list of dangerous terrorists wanted 10 years ago, and the United States set a $ 5 million reward for his capture. While this list is still valid, it is clear that the United States and its allies will not be included in this partnership.
Another known fact is that the Taliban will declare itself an official state in the coming days. What is unknown is who will cooperate with this new state.
We are presenting the interview of Turkish political commentator Engin Ozer, who made a statement to EDNews.
- Which countries can recognize the Taliban, who is forming a new government in Afghanistan?
- Most likely, Qatar will be the first country to recognize the Taliban. Qatar's technical staff is currently operating at Kabul airport. At the same time, Qatar is home to the former Taliban headquarters. For this reason, the recognition of the Taliban as the first state by Qatar is a reality that everyone expects. In addition, it would be logical to mention Pakistan among the first countries to recognize it. As for the others, China, which is extremely interested in relations with the Taliban, will also be included. I think China is already preparing for this.
As for Europe and America, I do not think they will recognize the Taliban in this short time. Because the Taliban did not come to power on the principle of democratic elections, which the West considers a key element, and even if it did, European countries would still not accept it. According to them, the Taliban forcibly overthrew the government and seized power in the country. Therefore, with the exception of the British government, there is no question of any European country recognizing the Taliban.
- Russia, China and India, which are reluctant to officially recognize the Taliban, are interested in recognizing it. What are the nuances of their inability to do so, or when will they express it?
- The recognition of the Taliban by Russia, China and India should be approached from a slightly different perspective. For example, China's cooperation with the Taliban is very different. China has made large investments in Afghanistan since the early 2000s, and this has continued unabated. Therefore, I would say that China's influence in Afghanistan is very different from other countries. That is why China has always been blamed by the West.
Afghanistan's rapprochement with India may be more national and ethnic. As you know, Afghans of Uzbek, Hazari, Tajik and Pashtun descent have a special sympathy for India. However, there is a subtle nuance here, which is the Kashmir problem between Pakistan and India. Afghanistan has been a strong supporter of Pakistan's Muslim Brotherhood in this regard. That is why India's cooperation with Afghanistan may take some time.
Russia's rapprochement with the Taliban seems a bit far-fetched. Because Russia recognizes the Taliban as a terrorist movement, and even if a media outlet in Moscow publishes an article about the Taliban, it must use the word "terrorist" in front of the Taliban. Otherwise, the media outlet may be prosecuted. In this case, Russia's sudden recognition of the Taliban will not be possible in the short term. On the other hand, the Taliban is useful to Russia because of its opposition to NATO, and it may be possible in the future as a de facto alliance, albeit not with the recognition of this alliance in time.
- What will be the fate of the new Taliban leaders whose names are on the US wanted list? Will the United States, which has left a mysterious $ 85 billion military legacy for the Taliban, abandon this decision and someday partner with the Taliban?
- As you know, one of the Taliban leaders wanted by the United States is his acting Interior Minister, Mullah Sirajuddin Haqqani. Even the current leaders of the Afghan government are former prisoners at Guantanamo prison. Despite all these realities, I can say with confidence that the current US Biden government will ignore these people. At the same time, the United States will impose various sanctions on the Afghan government to prevent their legalization in the international arena.
As for the weapons left by the United States in Afghanistan, I do not see a serious loss for the United States here. Because most of the weapons left behind were given to Afghanistan during Ghani's rule. These weapons were later used by armed groups fighting the Taliban in Panjshir. However, the former Afghan National Army did not fight the Taliban and fled. The United States did not see the need to carry those weapons and helicopters with it when it left Afghanistan, and even rendered some of them useless. At present, the helicopters and weapons have been purchased by the Pakistani army.
Elnur Enveroglu


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