Serbian government systematically ignores the sovereignty of Kosovo Prof. Doctor Ferid Muhić

“The root of the problem in north Kosovo, practically between Kosovo and Serbia, is the fact that Kosovo treats itself as a sovereign state, which is internationally recognized by well over 100 states in the world.”
Prof. Doctor Ferid Muhić, President of the Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts said this to EDnews while commenting on the growing tension between ethnic Serbs and the Albanian government in Kosovo.
“On the other side, the Serbian government systematically ignores and does not recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo and treats it as an internal part of its territory. Therefore, in the local elections for the local communities with a Serbian population, which are in the north of Kosovo, about 20,000 people are Serbs. We held directly in opposition to the decision from Belgrade, from Vucic, that these elections should not be held, and when they were held, he ordered the people of Serbia in North Kosovo to prevent these elections in all possible ways, which they did. They burned the police cars, they stoned the election places, they beat people who decided, in spite of this order from Belgrade, to vote, and the police from Kosovo must have protected these people. This was explained by Belgrade as an attack from police on their own territory against the Serbian citizens, who are not Serbian citizens; they are citizens of Kosovo, and this contradiction, which absolutely cannot find a compromise.”
EDnews presents the commentary:
Ulviyya Shahin

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