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26 June, Wednesday

'Azerbaijan didn't purchase any arms this year by Russia' - Elkhan Shahinoglu

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Azerbaijani political analyst Elkhan Shahinoglu touches latest tension Azerbaijani-Russian relations. He stressed that Azerbaijan didn't buy arms by Russia during this year.

'Russian pressure on Azerbaijani people in Moscow reminds us Georgian occasion in 2008. The same tactics are used now. Before this Russia adviced his Armenian Russian citizens not to travel Azerbaijan. These actions mean that Russia is not happy with Azerbaijani decision," Shahinoglu thinks.

He also touched Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev's interview in Davos that "Azerbaijan is ready to purchase Russian modern weapon."

Azerbaijan needs new and modern arms, that's why Belarus sold missile systems to Azerbaijan. If Russia intends to sell the same level arms, so Azerbaijan is ready.

Famous "Lazarev club" which works in Russia with the anti-Azerbaijani position. It shows that Russia is not so kind to Azerbaijan, political analyst explains.

But, the region where Azerbaijan located makes it keep good relations with Russia.


Ulvi Ahmedli

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