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21 May, Tuesday

Comedian Zelensky can be president tomorrow

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If actor wins president election in Ukraine, it means there is a democracy in Ukraine elections. The second round of presidential elections in Ukraine will be held on April 21. Members of the current president Petro Poroshenko and his rival actor Volodymyr Zelensky's campaign are actively working all means to raise the rating of candidates. Russia's governmental television channels openly support Zelensky, accuse Poroshenko, and with this way they urge Ukrainians to vote the president's rival. When people watch Russian TV channels in Azerbaijan, their attitude formalizes about Ukraine events.

Eurasia Daily made an interview with Ukrainian politician, public figure, scientist and diplomat, Vodim Tryuxan, who is well-known to Azerbaijani viewers from Russian talk show.

Is it possible to talk about Zelensky as the next Ukrainian president, or is Poroshenko able to defeat him on April 21?

Only an incredible, extraordinary situation can hinder Zelensky from winning and coming to office. Recent social surveys show unprecedented difference between candidates - more than 2 times in favor of the current president. But we have to wait for official results. In Ukraine, voters always decide on everything. And the fifth part of the people have not given their decisions yet.

What is the secret of Zelensky? He is not a politician but a political scientist, not a party activist, he is a comedian. Unexpectedly, American President Donald Trump has written at least two bestsellers on the economy. But why Ukrainians like Zelensky?

-Many factors are same. First, traditional politicians have disappointed the Ukrainians. Secondly, Zelensky's election campaign was unexpectedly successful. He used the latest technology, minimal black PR, to speak a hope to community for a better future. it is enough to say "We make choice between the past and the future" motto. Third, Petro Poroshenko has chosen an incorrect campaign strategy by calling the voters who do not support him and call them "Putin's supporters" and "cattle herd" and such negative and unbelievable epithets are said by him. This approach only made people angry and made cold relations between people and President. In addition, all the black PR campaigns against Zelensky only got position for himself.. People did not see any serious problems in Zelensky's biography.

For many people Zelensky is still mystery. Indeed, he tries to run away from concrete issues in many aspects of foreign and domestic politics. Therefore, the politician's position has already been formed if we look at his late interviews and statements on television broadcasting.

His priority issue is to getting cease-fire in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, he will not compromise on matters of independence and sovereignty. Perhaps it would not be easy for him to find the true way of communication with Russia. Meanwhile, it comes out any sense of self-censorship. There is no tough attitude to him which is shown the Kremlin against Petro Poroshenko over the last six months or a year.

EU and NATO are the main directions of foreign policy. Volodymyr Zelensky has clearly stated that Ukraine will act in the direction of these organizations.

Simultaneously,  he pledged to organize a referendum to get the support of the whole society when it was on NATO agenda.

As EU and NATO, opinions have not been announced about mutual relations with other countries. However, according to team members' comments, it is possible to conclude that the work will be carried out firmly. I think that relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, especially in the energy sector, due to the Russian government's decision to stop supplying oil products to Ukraine, will be active.

He did not join cases such as corruption stealing of state property. The exemplary family leader, a successful businessman, an actor is loved by many people. All these factors turned unexpecredly him into many Ukranians' favorite man.

Then how person "President Zelensky" will be ?  if we believe his promise and reality what will change in Ukraine's relations with the Russian Federation, the European Union and Azerbaijan?

Ukraine's integration to the EU and NATO is considered necessary. Therefore, if who next president is elected, he should amend institutional mechanism, as well as on government members policy should be reformed and improved. At the same time, we should not forget that it is important to get success in domestic policy - anti-corruption measures, economic development.  The problem is that Ukraine is a parliamentary republic. President cannot lonely prepare the country for joining both NATO the EU. it is 90 percent duty of parliament and government. 

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