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23 June, Wednesday

The U.S. Military Needs Speed to Win a War Against China

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Success in massive, great power, multi-domain war may in coming years come down to a simple word. Speed.
While of course seemingly reductive to a degree, the force with an ability to process, share and decisively act upon key, time-sensitive target data and warfare information, is certainly likely to prevail. If an approaching mechanized armored force is able to receive information on enemy force activity and location from satellites, drones, aircraft or even Navy ships—and have the long-range precision weaponry to decisively strike—well before they are themselves able to be targeted, they are of course likely to prevail.
Future war, to a large extent, hinges upon information. Does this mean war will be won or lost by virtue of the efficacy of AI? That is certainly a key variable, yet the weapons themselves still need to be lethal, long-range, and effective against an array of complex targets.
Operating within this fundamental recognition, the Army is moving quickly to experiment with, test, refine and engineer new weapons, technologies, and tactical warfare applications. This concept is the basis of the Army’s upcoming multi-domain, multi-service Project Convergence 2021.

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