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20 October, Wednesday

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan will continue to strengthen the partnership in defence and security - Ambassador

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Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan Mr. Khazar Farhadov has said that exercise " Three Brothers - 2021"is a manifestation of strong brotherly bonds between Azerbaijan,Pakistan and Turkey.

He has shared that everything is complete to start direct flights between the two countries. The flights will be started as soon as the pandemic situation comes under control. Pakistan is very beautiful country. I would love to explore more destinations. People of Pakistan are welcoming and friendly. I am feeling at home in Pakistan.

Ambassador stated this in a courtesy meeting with editor "Pakistan in the World" Mr. Tazeen Akhtar at his office this afternoon. The editor introduced his Urdu and English press organizations. He apprised the Ambassador of his work on bilateral relations of the two brotherly countries.

Editor Tazeen Akhtar congratulated the Ambassador on successful hosting of trilateral military exercise " Three Brothers - 2021" between the special forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan. The exercise culminated in Baku on 21 Sep 2021. The two-week-long exercise focused on the capability to counter regional terrorism threats in a hybrid scenario, fostering combined force interoperability, joint force integration, and enhance capabilities in amphibious operations.

Ambassador Farhadov termed the exercise as the manifestation of strong brotherly bonds between the three countries. He said this exercise is a message for those who have bad designs in this region. Ambassador hoped that the three countries will continue to further strengthen the partnership in every sphere of life including the defence and security sectors.

Mr. Khazar Farhadov has visited different sites in Islamabad including Margallahs, Saidpur Village, Pakistan Monument and Faisal Masjid. He found Islamabad very beautiful city. He has also traveled to Rawalpindi, Taxila, and Murree. He intends to see Gilgit and Hunzah in his next adventure.

Editor Tazeen Akhtar expressed his gladness on how Azerbaijan liberated Armenian occupied territories. He said a large number of people in Pakistan and around the world felt happy on this success of Azerbaijan because no one favors the occupation of tyrant nations on the lands of other people. He presented the example of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir and said that the people of IIOJK will also win their freedom from the occupant one day.

Ambassador noted that Azerbaijan seeks good relations with all neighbors and other countries of our region. Azerbaijan is following a policy of walking with all for common well being. But if someone does not want good neighborly relations , Azerbaijan reserves the right of self defence and has the ability to thwart any aggression.

Mr. Khazar Farhadov said that Armenians are now learning that they are being used as tool against Azerbaijan by the Armenian diaspora and their allied forces. Ambassador avoided to name any country but said that Armenia is alone in the region with regards to friendly relations. Some countries argue that Armenia has very small territory. We say you have vast lands in your countries. If any country supports separatism, they can give their own land to Armenians.

Ambassador said that the wars and proxies left Armenians with rapidly reducing population. They are only 2 Million in the country while Azerbaijan crossed 10 Million last year. Armenian leadership needs to learn the lessons from the history and from the recent developments and defeats. Armenian local people are now starting understand what is happening with them. Armenian diaspora is almost double in number of locals. They are richer than the locals. They instigate them to fight and force them to go into war. The locals are now mindful of that "use as tool" game of their diaspora.

On bilateral relations, Ambassador expressed deep gratitude to Pakistan for support in Second Karabakh War last year. He said that we will never forget that Pakistan was standing with us in our difficult time. Mr. Khazar Farhadov agreed with Editor Tazeen Akthar that direct communication between the two countries is a per-requisit to further increase the cooperation and relations. Ambassador shared that direct flights will start as soon as the pandemic situation is over. Visa will also be made easy for Pakistani visitors.

Editor Tazeen Akhtar recalled his visit to Baku and Nakhchivan in Feb 2020 to cover parliamentary and presidential elections. He appreciated the steps taken to make the election process as transparent as possible. He also admired the state policies thanks to which the people of Azerbaijan looked satisfied and happy all over the country from the Capital city to the Autonomous Region of Nakhchivan. He said the media persons of Pakistan were astonished to see how high entrepreneur approach the far most region's people have. The media persons were impressed to see different products there manufactured by the local businessmen community.

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