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7 August,

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'Turkiye strengthening ties with UAE based on mutual trust and respect'

President Erdogan pens article for Dubai-based daily Khaleej Times ahead of visit to Gulf country on Monday

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Turkiye is strengthening its relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based on mutual trust and respect, according to the nation’s president.
In an exclusive article written for UAE-based daily Khaleej Times, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the "growing rapprochement between Turkiye and the UAE is gaining new impetus as a result of our bilateral visits."
Ahead of a visit to the Gulf state set for Monday, Erdogan expressed satisfaction with the two countries' relations evolving towards collaboration.
"I believe that increased collaboration between the two countries will benefit our region as well. It is especially noteworthy that the rapprochement developed during a period of growing global competition," he wrote.
He noted that Turkiye "values all of the countries in the region," while adding that the UAE is Turkiye's biggest trading partner among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members.
Citing the most recent non-oil trade volume between the two countries, Erdogan said Turkiye intends to double that volume in the coming years.
"Additionally, the two countries have the potential to collaborate in a wide range of areas across the globe, particularly in our immediate neighborhood and Africa,” he wrote.
“Turkiye, with its geopolitical location, human capital, area of activity, production capacity, and stabilizing role, has become a center of attraction, and is always open to constructive collaboration.”
Contribute to regional peace
Erdogan added: "Turkiye and the UAE together can contribute to the regional peace, stability, and prosperity."
"As Turkiye, we do not separate the security and stability of the United Arab Emirates and our other brothers in the Gulf region from the security and stability of our own country. We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of deepening our cooperation in this context in the future," Erdogan wrote.
On his upcoming visit to the UAE, Erdogan said it will "not only demonstrate the importance we attach to the friendship between the two countries but will also allow us to further our cooperation."
"In addition to energy, health, agriculture, logistics, infrastructure, finance, and tourism, we aim to advance cooperation between Turkiye and the UAE on climate change, water, and food security as well," he wrote, adding that "both sides are eager to set new targets for further investment and cooperation."
"This cooperation will have positive reflections not only in bilateral relations but also at the regional level. In this context, these positive developments in our relations are valuable in and of themselves," he said.
Ties between Turkiye and the Arab world are experiencing a major thaw after years of tense relations. Late last year, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited Ankara and announced a $10 billion fund for investments in Turkiye.
During the visit, Turkiye and the UAE also signed several agreements on energy, environment, finance, and trade.

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