Armenian Embassy in Croatia threatens to kill journalist who spreads truth about Azerbaijan -

4 December,

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Armenian Embassy in Croatia threatens to kill journalist who spreads truth about Azerbaijan

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The Embassy of Armenia in Croatia threatened Vecernji list correspondent Hassan Haidar Diab with death, who spread the truth about Azerbaijan.

According to Report, the Croatian journalist, who is on a visit to Ganja, that he prepared a series of articles about the crimes committed by Armenians: "But I continued to speak the truth, not fearing any threats. Armenians should be tried within the framework of international law norms for all the crimes they committed in Azerbaijan.

"In any country, if they had committed so much brutality against peaceful people and killed them, the international world would not be silent about it, they would judge them. I wonder if Armenians will be punished for these crimes committed in Azerbaijan?

"Rockets fired at Ganja, Barda, Tartar, and other cities and regions are a massacre against the civilian population."

He noted that Ganja was at least 70-80 kilometers away from the area where military operations took place during the Patriotic War:

"The purpose of launching rockets here was to destroy the civilian population and attack the infrastructure. It is everyone's duty to bring these crimes to the world.

"I want to remind that Armenians have occupied the territories of Azerbaijan for years and the atrocities they committed in Khojaly. Khojaly incident is real genocide.

"But Armenian brutality does not end with the Khojaly tragedy alone. A large number of civilians were killed in the last war. I brought to the public's attention in Croatia everything I saw during my previous visits. I will continue to convey."

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