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1 March, Monday

Three Russian submarines that could bring end of world

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The National Interest ranked 5 submarines equipped with nuclear-guided missiles that can bring the end of the world. Among 5 submarines, Russia has 3 of them and the US just two. It is no surprise that Russia is building extreme capable navy. Eurasia Diary presents 3 Russian submarines that can be headache for enemy.

Project 955 Borei-class Ballistic Missile Submarine

The first 955A submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, was laid down on 30 July 2012. Russian Navy expected to receive 955B in 2026. Although it is smaller than Project 941 Akula (24,000 tonnes opposed to 48,000 tonnes) but it is larger than American Ohio or Columbia.

The vessels carry sixteen RSM-56 Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles each ranges 8,000 kilometers.

Project 667BDRM Delfin class (Delta IV) Ballistic Missile Submarine

Delta IV is considered the current backbone of the Russian navy. The vessel is supplied with16 R-29RMU Sineva liquid-fuel ballistic missiles each can carry four and eight warheads.

It is also able to fire its ballistic missiles from a depth of 55 meters while cruising at a speed of six to seven knots.

Project 885M Yasen class Guided Missile Submarine

It is not a ballistic missile submarine but nuclear powered. Yasen can carry 32 dual nuclear/conventional capable 3M-14K Kalibr cruise missiles that have a range of over 2500 kilometers. 

Project 885M boats are a threat to the U.S. homeland. The Yasen class is fast and extremely quiet and has extremely potent sensors—if the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence is correct in its assessment of the boats.

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