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28 February, Friday

Scientists found natural source of greenhouse emissions

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Climate change is the top agenda of the international community. Newly, it was revealed that there are also natural greenhouse emissions which is equal to the emissions of fossil fuel exporting countries.

The gases seeping from the waters of the Red Sea then mix with emissions from industrial shipping and turned into noxious pollutants that are very harmful to human health.

The team analyzed possible sources for the gas emissions, including traffic, agriculture, burning of biomass, and power generation from hydrocarbons.

They came to an unexpected conclusion: the two gases had to be seeping out of the sea bed after escaping natural subterranean oil and gas reservoirs.

They were then carried by currents to the surface, where they mix with another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, which is emitted in high amounts by industrial shipping.

The resulting gas compounds are extremely harmful to human health, according to the team's study, published in Nature Communications.

The emissions result in another source of atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas, the study said.

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