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12 May, Wednesday

iOS 14 is full of hidden gems. You just have to know where to look

The best iPhone features are always the ones you find accidentally. These are the iOS 14 tricks Apple kept hidden.

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With every update for the iPhone or iPad, Apple adds new features in addition to bug fixes and performance improvements. The release of iOS 14 and iPadOS late last year has been bolstered by subsequent updates, and the current beta of iOS 14.5 looks like it's full of new features, including the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask using your Apple Watch. 
While we wait for iOS 14.5 to be officially released, there's still a lot to discover in iOS 14.4, the official version. That update didn't include much, adding a new Fitness Plus workout that gets you outside, and several security fixes. But there's so much more to iOS 14 as a whole. For starters, Apple completely changed how iPhone owners interact with their home screens, including the ability to add widgets, an app drawer of sorts and the option to create your own app icons.
These welcome enhancements will surely enrich your experience, but my favorite tricks in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are the ones you have to work to find. For instance, you can now fully ditch Apple Mail and Safari with a new default app setting.
Below, I'll walk you through how to use 13 of the best hidden features I've uncovered in iOS 14.4. This list will surely continue to grow, so check back for more gems. 


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