Failing to prevent microchip export to Russia is 'strange', says Dutch minister -

22 March, Wednesday

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Failing to prevent microchip export to Russia is 'strange', says Dutch minister

Millions of microchips made by Dutch companies used in Russian weapons despite sanctions, according to report

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Failing to completely prevent the export of Dutch microchips to Russia is strange, the Netherland's foreign minister said Tuesday.
Wopke Hoekstra in parliament urged Dutch microchip manufacturers to do more to prevent the export of microchips to Russia.
An investigation by the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS) newspaper Sunday showed millions of microchips made by Dutch companies reportedly ended in Russia since the beginning of Moscow’s war against Ukraine, despite heavy sanctions on technological goods.
The report revealed that Chinese companies play a role in the export as they obtain Dutch chips and export them to Russia each month.
It is "strange" that it is not possible to completely cancel deliveries to Russia, added Hoekstra.
He said new conditions may be added to contracts to prevent the export issue and the country would also impose sanctions on Chinese companies that are involved in the export.
The NOS report also showed the chips which have been used in Russian weapons come mainly from major chip producers such as NXP and Nexperia.
The chips were found in Russian- and Iranian-made kamikaze drones, added the newspaper.
Following the report, the two producers said they follow the sanction regime and are trying to take necessary measures.

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