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24 August, Saturday

Why Germany support migration in EU? - Benefits or Humanism?

A study has found that migrant labour from within the European Union will fall short of the economy's needs. To plug the gap, Germany will need 146,000 workers per year from non-EU countries.

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Germany needs at least 260,000 new migrant workers per year until 2060 in order to meet labour shortages caused by demographic decline, according to a study published on Tuesday, Deutsche Welle reports.

Of that number, 146,000 people each year would need to immigrate from non-EU member states, the research published by the Bertelsmann Foundation said.

Due to an ageing population, the labour force in Germany was estimated to shrink by a third, or around 16 million people, by 2060 without immigration. Absent immigration, the labour shortage could have a devastating impact on the world's fourth-largest economy.

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Under the calculated scenarios, the researchers assume that the birth rate is rising, more women are working and that the pension age is increased to 70.

The study estimated that 114,000 people would immigrate from other EU countries, but that demographic factors and economic convergence within the 28-member bloc would reduce the incentive for workers to settle and work in Germany.

Jörg Dräger, the executive director of the Bertelsmann Foundation, pointed out official numbers showed that only 38,000 workers came and stayed in Germany in 2017.

Germany is among EU members which support migration. The German economy benefits migrant workers more than others.

The findings of the study suggest Germany needs to rapidly adopt immigration laws to attract medium and high-skilled workers as well as develop more robust integration programs, he said. 

The study was conducted by the Institute for Employment Research and the University of Coburg.

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