Israeli journalist: “I will write about all I have seen in Karabakh” -

18 August, Thursday

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Israeli journalist: “I will write about all I have seen in Karabakh”

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On june 11-16 with the organisational support of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Committee, well-known politicians, diplomats and journalists from Israel, Great Britain, France and other countries visited Azerbaijan. During the meeting, a trip to the liberated city of Agdam was organised for the delegation. The guests were informed about the mined areas of Karabakh, as well as discussing important issues and priorities on the agenda. After the visit to Agdam, a round table meeting with the guests entitled "Development in the post-conflict period in the South Caucasus" was held at ADA University.

Among the high-level guests Israeli journalist Rachel Avraham also participated and after the 6-day trip in Azerbaijan she met Ednews to share her impressions. 

“I came to Azerbaijan together with Minister Ayoob Kara and a delegation of 22 foreign experts in order to speak at a round table at the prestigious ADA University. We also toured around Baku and Agdam in the Karabakh region while we were there, but the main purpose was the conference at ADA University”.

The journalist also spoke about what she witnessed in Agdam, the liberated region of Karabakh after 30 years of occupation by Armenian separatists. 

“After going to a place like Agdam, one must ponder how so many in the West can support Armenia. What the Armenians did to that city of 100,000 people was a crime against humanity. It was completely and utterly shocking to witness the cruelty that the Armenians imposed upon the city of Agdam. All of the buildings were nothing but debris. It was reminiscent of Syria. They took us to a cemetery, where they dug up all the graves to steal the gold teeth. They tossed away the bones and destroyed the tombstones. They brought us to the historic Bread Museum, where a historic piece of bread from World War II was destroyed and all that remained was a partially visible mural. They took us to a Mosque, where we learned that the Armenians used to store pigs and horses inside of it. In my mind, that had an uncanny resemblance to the Spanish Inquisition, as the Spaniards of that time used to do the same to synagogues and mosques there. And then after seeing all that, I ask, how can so many in the West support Armenia? To support Armenia is like to support the Spanish Inquisition. It is unfathomable to anyone of conscious”.

Journalist Rachel Avraham expressed her delight to visit Azerbaijan once again and spilled the beans about some of her plans during her next trip: “I am always ready to visit Azerbaijan. I hope to come back in the last week of October, after the Jewish High Holidays.

Also for this visit, I will write about it and perhaps hold a conference on the issue as well. I recently established the Dona Gracia Centre for Diplomacy, and one of our goals is to raise awareness about the plight of the oppressed people of Karabakh, and the indiscriminate manner in which the Armenians lay landmines is a good indicator of such repression. It was a clear violation of international law. I think that the landmine issue is of utmost importance to raise awareness in every circle, as even if you have landmines, there are rules about how to lay them down and Armenia violated all those rules. Also, when hostilities cease, the Armenians have an obligation to hand over maps, yet only 25 percent of what they hand over is usable”.

Having visited Azerbaijan together with former Minister of Communication of Israel Ayoob Kara, the journalist backed up the idea of supporting Azerbaijan with the new robot technologies for demining in Karabakh. 

“Israel successfully developed robots that assist in demining efforts when you do not have landmine maps. I learned at the conference that Azerbaijan is using such technology from Israel and other countries, who are helping Azerbaijan with this important issue”.

By Elnur Enveroglu

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