New INITIATIVE from IEPF - Azerbaijani journalists will benefit from the experience of Al-Jazeera - PHOTOS -

1 February, Wednesday

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New INITIATIVE from IEPF - Azerbaijani journalists will benefit from the experience of Al-Jazeera - PHOTOS

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As it was reported, on August 31, the International Eurasia Press Fund started training together with Al Jazeera Media Network. The training has been arranged for Arabic-speaking journalists in Azerbaijan.

Before the start of the training, an opening ceremony was held at the IEPF head office. Umud Mirzayev, president of IEPF, Sabina Seyidova, head of department at Media Development Agency (MEDIA), Aflatun Amashov, Chairman of the Press Council of AR, Rashad Majid, editor-in-chief of the "525th newspaper", member of the IEPF board of trustees and Honored journalist Gulu Muharramli took part at the event.

Umud Mirzayev, who gave an opening speech at the event, spoke about the cooperation of the International Eurasia Press Fund with the Al-Jazeera Media Network for many years.
"Today, a representative of Al-Jazeera Media Network, with which IEPF has cooperated for many years, is with us. The main purpose of the event is to share Al-Jazeera's experience for the IEPF's staff, Analytical Information Portal, as well as Arabic-speaking journalists working in our country."

He noted that the purpose of the current trainings is to teach Arabic-speaking journalists the standards of "Al-Jazeera", the secrets of internet journalism, as well as the implementation of information exchange between Al-Jazeera Media Network and IEPF as well as Azerbaijan and regional media in general. IEPF president wished success to everyone participating in the training.
During her speech, Sabina Seyidova, head of the Media Development Agency, said that training local journalists with the participation of foreign media experts with the support of IEPF is a successful step.
"The continuation of such trainings serves to increase the knowledge and skills of journalists. Media Development Agency together with IEPF conducted joint trainings with the participation of representatives of Al-Jazeera Media Network. 75 chief editors participated in one of the trainings. In addition, ADA University held training on the behavior of journalists in conflict zones. The trainers from Al Jazeera gave practical exercises to the participants and we received very good feedback. The continuation of the trainings serves to increase the knowledge and skills of journalists."

Chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov once again emphasized that the trainings to be held by an expert of Al-Jazeera Media Network will be useful for Arabic-speaking journalists as well. He noted the special role of IEPF in sharing the experience of "Al-Jazeera" channel, which broadcasts news in different languages ​​all over the world.
"IEPF has been in close contact with Al-Jazeera for 10 years. An agreement on cooperation between the two organizations was signed in March. I am sure that further training and seminars will be held within the framework of joint partnership."

Speaking at the event, professor at Baku State University, honored journalist Gulu Muharramli noted that the training, which will be organized jointly by the International Eurasia Press Fund and Al-Jazeera Media Network, can be especially useful for young journalists.

Rashad Majid, editor-in-chief of the "525th newspaper", member of IEPF's board of trustees, noted that the International Eurasia Press Fund has always organized the visits of influential people from across the world, as well as foreign journalists to Azerbaijan. He also said that thanks to the personal connections of IEPF president, 5 documentaries about Azerbaijan were broadcast on "Al-Jazeera" channel.

Ahmed Sami Elaydi, adviser to the president of the International Eurasia Press Fund, emphasized that the ongoing cooperation of BAMF with Al-Jazeera Media Network is of great importance not only for the institution, but for the entire Azerbaijani press.
Later, Muhammad Ghulam Bouba, a leading journalist of Al-Jazeera Media Network and a professional trainer, spoke at the event. He said that he saw the large number of participants of the event as a sign of the interest of Azerbaijani people in knowledge and expressed his gratitude to the president of the fund, Umud Mizrayev.
"I am here based on the partnership of "Al-Jazeera" with IEPF within the framework of human rights and international cooperation. We are very pleased to partner with IEPF. The fund has continued its benevolent mission not only in Azerbaijan, but almost all over the world and continues to do so. One of the main aspects of this strategic partnership is the correct delivery of news about the region to Arab sources. It involves presenting the knowledge possessed by Al-Jazeera Media Network to the Azerbaijani side and conducting trainings here."
He ended his speech by thanking the International Eurasia Press Fund for this initiative. Expressing his satisfaction with the partnership between the two institutions, Mohammad Ghulam Bouba said that he is hopeful that this activity will bear fruit.






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