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23 May, Thursday

'US withdrawal from INF is a message to Russia' - Expert explains

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As we see, the world is witnessing inception of a great power war today. The growth of China and threat by Russia drag the US to withdraw from INF.

Russian and US mutual withdrawal shook the world political agenda. Middle East expert, Rick Francona gave exclusive explanations to Eurasia Diary.

"US withdrawal from the INF treaty is merely an acknowledgement of reality and a message to the Russians that we are no longer going to ignore Russian violations," Francona justifies US withdrawal.

While the treaty is in effect, and the United States was in compliance, the US was at a disadvantage by limiting its weapons to a certain range and capability, while the Russians were fielding longer range weapons.

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The INF was a US-Russian agreement excluded China. This has an impact on the global military stage. Francona thinks that China increased its intermediate missile arsenal during this time. He also added Iran's possible missile program also to this sphere.

"The Russians - actually Vladimir Putin - want to regain their global position, at great expense. I don't see any real issues in the near abroad, but do see challenges to NATO," Francona said while commenting on Russian possible expansion on near abroad.

The expert thinks that Iran and North Korea will be the next target of the US after Syria. "President Trump is serious about forcing the mullahs to their knees, and possibly pushing for regime change," he added.

Summarizing the expert's opinions, withdrawal of the US from INF is calculated for taking advantage in the arms race.


Written by Ulvi Ahmedli

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