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19 July, Friday

Shocking facts about Armenian footballer coming to Baku - helped Armenian army in April Four Day War

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In recent days, both local and foreign media have discussed the expected arrival of Heinrich Mkhitaryan in Baku to participate in the Europa League final. The final match will take place on 29 May in Baku, Chelsea-Arsenal.

Unay Emery, the maanger of Arsenal, commented on the possibility of Henrich Mkhitaryan's participation in the final match of the Europa League in Baku.

Calling this a political issue, the Spanish expert said he was unaware of the problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia. However, he said that he would do his best to participate in the decisive match Mkhitaryan: "today Mkhitaryan performed well. We are ready to do everything we can so that Heinrich can play in the final. But I'm really unaware of the extent to which it is related to the political problem and what is the problem between the two countries. It is not a matter of dependence on me and I do not know the solution well. But we want the Mkhitaryan to be in the final and we will do everything possible to make it to Baku. "

Let us note that Azerbaijan gave Arsenal a special guarantee for the Armenian football player.

However, the fascinating facts about Mkhitaryan, who had just come to the final, were revealed. Thus, Armenian blogger writes about this in Caucasian Knot:

"There will be held final round in Baku. Baku will not be happy for Mkhitaryan, but UEFA has already given an official statement that Mkhitaryan will not have any problems there. But do not forget that here is Baku, and there may be many unpleasant things to do. In April 2016, when we were in war with Azerbaijan, they brought a "thermal imaging" for each post, and said  that it sent to us by Heinrich, from Germany. ("Thermal Imaging" is a night vision device that allows you to see the enemy approaching in the dark and measures the temperature. It should be noted that in the year 2017, 6 detectors who were searching for a mine on the contact line were found by these devices and were killed.) This technical equipment allowed us to see Azerbaijani soldiers at night. We are grateful to Heinrich for that. Note that these devices are pretty expensive, about 5 thousand dollars. But their benefits are great. His gift to our army in his difficult time was very important and timely "

Meanwhile, spokeswoman for Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Leyla Abdullayeva, responded to our questions on the issue, saying, "Sport can not be linked with politics. Baku has hosted and will host many sports competitions, including football. In these competitions many people have come to Baku. That's why the position of the Azerbaijani state is clear. When it comes to material aid to the Armenian army, the facts will be investigated. "

Yes, we are a hospitable country. Everyone, regardless of their religion, race or nationality, can travel all over, relax and return to their homeland.Citizenship can also be obtained. However, a footballer named Mxitaryan is unlikely to come to Baku. Not because he is Armenian.. Our attitude towards Armenians is clear. Armenians, who are our enemies, who fired on us, occupied our lands, and committed genocide against our peaceful citizens. What is our job with some of the Armenians playing football in London ...

We should remember that during the European Games held in Baku, Armenian boxer from Ukraine, who won the second place, silver medal. The Armenian national athlete who was on the podium at the festive ceremony was whistled by the local audience. At the moment, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev raised his hand and applauded it. This once again shows that Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis are not the enemy of every Armenian. And we are able to differentiate politics, sports, culture and so on.

When Mkhitaryan arrives, the official bodies must first check whether they have provided material and technical assistance to the Armenian army. If the financial assistance of this person had been proven, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan should include it in the black list, and this person should not be allowed to enter the country.

It is also worth mentioning that Armenian press has updated the issue of Mkhitaryan and here comes a "provocative smell". An Armenian living in Khankendi, two weeks before the final match, gave a statement that Mkhitaryan took arms in the April wars and we love him. Of course, this is not a coincidence, Armenians are trying to make irritation to Mkhitaryan in Baku. If throw even the stone, empty bottles to the footballer in Baku , the Armenian press and lobby will do it to the world as "Azerbaijan fascism." (This technique skillfully used in Sumqayit, Baku and Nagorno-Karabakh in the 88-84s) Therefore, this issue should be solved soon and Mkhitaryan should be blacklisted if there are real facts.


Nejat Ismayilov

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