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22 September,

Nepal to tighten the Everest rules after deaths

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Nepalese authorities said they may change the rules about who is permitted up the world's highest summit after 11 climbers died in this month in one of the deadliest climbing seasons ever.

Almost anyone can get a permit to climb the mountain, but this year the perilous trails have been spoiled by human traffic jams and a surge in inexperienced mountaineers.

Government officials are now considering requiring all climbers to submit proof of mountaineering experience and a certificate of good health.

This year, 381 people – in 44 teams –  have been permitted to take on the climb, which the government confirmed was the highest number ever. Each person is accompanied by a Sherpa (local guide).

It’s raised questions about whether Nepal’s regulations are strict enough, with some seasoned climbers saying it’s too easy for tourists to hire a local trekking guide without the proper checks on the climber’s fitness and experience.

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