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25 September, Friday

Symposium in commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights to be held in Qatar - IEPF President Umud Mirzayev joined the panel

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On December 8-9, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights to hold a symposium titled: “Challenges of Media Freedom: Confronting Impunity, Rule of Law and Denial of Access to Information”, organized in commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights.
Eurasia Diary informs that the event is comprised of experts, editorial executives, and regional and international institutes’ representatives concerned with defending freedom of press and protecting journalists.
Representatives from Al Jazeera Media Network, Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development-UNESCO, International Press Institute (IPI), Committee to Protect Journalists, Community Media Network; Front Line Defender, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, and many others are among the participants. 
Today, as one of the participants and panelists, the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, the Azerbaijani based international organization, Umud Mirzayev is going to deliver a speech in the panel named «Building Partnership and solidarity between Media Organizations and International Organization: opportunities and perspectives». The speech will demonstrate the audience the main obstacles for journalists’ security, particularly in the hot spots, as well as highlight the difficulties and prospects to appear in cooperation process between media organizations and international organizations. 
The symposium aims at strengthening press freedom, guaranteeing the safety of journalists and protecting them from the dangers that they may face due to their professional work. It will be an opportunity for journalists who have an impact on their communities and global and regional free media to express the concerns of individuals, peoples, and their aspiration for a broad atmosphere of freedom, rights and human dignity to enrich the activities and develop its outputs. 
The symposium will also make an effort to ensure the launch of an effective dialogue, overseen by the Al-Jazeera Center for Public Freedoms and Human Rights, to discuss the development of partnership and solidarity between stakeholders and countries. It will seek to examine the reality of serious violations of the freedom of information and the safety of media professionals and will monitor and evaluate the various protection efforts of the United Nations and relevant international organizations. On the other hand, the Forum will contribute to highlighting the initiative of the Universal Declaration for the Protection of Journalists as the cornerstone of establishing an integrated international system that promotes freedom of information and the protection of journalists.

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