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24 September, Thursday

Unknown fighter jets tried to attack the Russian air base in Syria

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A few hours ago, Syrian television reported that the city of Jebla, located just one kilometer from the Russian military airbase Khmeimim, was subjected to rocket fire from the Mediterranean Sea, Eurasia Diary reports citing Bulgarian Military News.

Toward the Russian military airfield, several air-to-surface missiles were launched.

“The night before, the air defense system of the Syrian Arab Republic in the west of the country was activated. In the materials of the Syrian television it is reported that unknown forces carried out shelling of the surroundings of Jebla, located in the province of Latakia. Recall that in Latakia is located the air base of the Russian Aerospace Forces Khmeimim. Jeble is located not far from the place of deployment of the Russian military. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that a missile strike was carried out, according to Syrian sources, from the Mediterranean Sea. This information is verified by CAA. At the same time, there is no data on exactly with what means the rockets were launched. According to some reports, we are talking about aviation, which inflicted a blow on the infrastructure of the government forces of the country. The materials at the moment do not say how effectively the Syrian air defense calculations worked out in terms of intercepting enemy missiles,” Topwar reported.

Initially, the sources specified that the attack was carried out precisely by military fighters, which fired rockets from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

However, the latter were out of the reach of the Russian and Syrian air defense systems, since they were flying at extremely low altitude.

It should be clarified that in recent times this is far from the first missile attack from the Mediterranean Sea, which forces Russia to strengthen security measures in this direction.


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