Roots of Peace celebrating 25 years of turning Mines to Vines worldwide - VIDEO -

8 August, Monday

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Roots of Peace celebrating 25 years of turning Mines to Vines worldwide - VIDEO

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"This year, Roots of Peace celebrates its 25th Anniversary. We are so incredibly humbled to have reached this milestone and view it as a chance to both reflect on the work we've done thus far in implementing our "mines to vines" vision across the world– and to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to eradicating the global scourge of landmines in our time". 
Heidi Kühn, the founder and CEO of the humanitarian organization "Roots of Peace", said these words. She also noted that August 2022 is the 25th anniversary of the tragic death of the late Princess Diana.
"She walked through the minefields of Bosnia-Herzegovina with American landmine survivor Jerry White and Dr. Ken Rutherford only a few short weeks before her accident. Today, we continue to raise this global torch bringing light to the importance of a Landmine-Free World, as called forth by her son, Prince Harry".
In the end, Mrs.Kühn presented a video dedicated to the 25-year activity of the organization:
"This video details the journey of the last 25 years, and discusses the long, pivotal road ahead. Despite our work in over 10 countries across the world over the last quarter century, an estimated 60,000 landmines still linger in the soil of over 60 countries across the world. We are so grateful for your ongoing support as we work to make our vision of global peace a permanent reality. Thank you".

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