Pakistan: Ex-PM Imran Khan secures bail in murder case

Police had registered an "abetment to murder" case against the former prime minister over the killing of a lawyer by unknown gunmen. Imran Khan also received bail in 16 other cases, the Dawn daily reported.
Ednews informs that former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday secured bail from Islamabad's High Court.
This blocks his arrest in an abetment for murder case for 14 days. Dozens of other charges have also been raised against him.
The Pakistani daily Dawn reported Khan also received bail in 16 other cases from Islamabad's High Court, anti-terrorism court and district court.
His lawyer Gohar Khan said that Imran Khan had traveled to Islamabad from his home in Lahore to seek bail in over a dozen cases to avoid a new arrest.
According to Dawn, the former prime minister also appeared at the National Accountability Bureau's office in the northern city of Rawalpindi for an investigation into corruption allegations.
Also on Thursday, Imran Khan said in a video to supporters that he will "fight this system of oppression till my last breath."