UK notes 'significant' military operations

The UK said "significant operations" were underway in Ukraine. It comes as Kyiv reports "heavy combat. 
Ednews informs via DW that Britain's defense ministry said "significant Ukrainian operations have been taking place" over 48 hours.
In its latest intelligence update on the war, the ministry on Saturday said Ukrainian forces "made good progress and penetrated the first line of Russian defenses" in some areas in the country's south. "In others, Ukrainian progress has been slower," it added.
Both Moscow and Kyiv reported fierce fighting on the front lines, suggesting Ukraine's counteroffensive was underway.
"We can state for sure that this offensive has begun," Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke of "particularly difficult battles" and said he had discussed tactics and "achievements" with military leaders.
"We see your heroism and are grateful for every moment in your lives. Ukraine is as free as you are strong," he added.
Kyiv has always stressed that it would not comment on the start of its own offensive.


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