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21 October, Monday

We want to expand tourism relations between Azerbaijan and Egypt - Minister of Tourism of Egypt Mrs. Rania Al-Mashat - VIDEO

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The main goal of the press conference, organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, to attend the 110th meeting of the Executive Committee of the UN World Tourism Organization in Baku, is the promotion of development of tourism relations between the two countries, reports Eurasia Diary
The Minister, Mrs. Rania Al-Mashat, in her turn, said she was glad for her first visit from Egypt to Azerbaijan at ministerial level after several years of break.
"Fortunately, there are many similarities between the ancient people of Azerbaijan and the Egyptian people who have historical relationships. Tourism relations between the two countries have also grown significantly compared to previous years, and the number of tourists has increased significantly."
The Minister noted that Egypt's tourism sector has enormously developed, and tourism accounts for more than 20% of the national income. Therefore, Egypt gives great importance to the expansion of tourism relations. Since 2018, a new tourism plan that aims to promote and encourage tourism is being implemented. For this purpose, direct flights between Baku and Sharm el-Sheikh will be organized to expand tourism relations between Azerbaijan and Egypt. The flights will be operated by SCAT Airlines by Boeing 757-200 from July 18. The minister, Mrs. Rania al-Mashat, said that her flight to Baku lasted 14 hours. However, with the direct flight between Baku and Sharm el-Sheikh, the travel time between Azerbaijan and Egypt is expected to be 3.5 hours.
The Minister said that in 2020 a big museum will be opened near the pyramids.
"In the museum, about 10,000 exhibits will be displayed, including more than 5,000 exhibits of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. In the museum, there will be a possibility for tourists to take selfies with the exhibits. The museum will be built near Sphinx International Airport to make the travels convenient. "
The Minister told that she wants to inform Azerbaijan people about tourism opportunities of her country stressing that the government has met all the necessary standards for the safety of tourists and the stability in Egypt testified by international experts. 
At the end of the event, Mrs. Rania al-Mashat thanked Azerbaijanis and Mr. Adel Ibrahim, the Egyptian ambassador to Azerbaijan.
Translated by Islam Mammadov

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