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10 December, Tuesday

Uzbekistan sees growth in trade turnover

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Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover in January-May 2019 amounted to $15.76 billion growing by $3.02 billion or 23.7% year on year, AkiPress reports.

Exports totaled $6.42 billion growing by 14.1%, imports - $9.34 billion growing by 31.3%.

Uzbekistan traded with more than 159 countries of the world in the first 5 months of 2019. The foreign trade turnover balance reached minus $2.92 billion. Foreign trade turnover amounted to $15.76 billion increasing by $3.02 billion.

Trade turnover of Uzbekistan with the CIS member states amounted to $5.55 billion growing by 34.2%.

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Exports of Uzbekistan amounted to $6.42 billion in January-May 2019 growing by 14.1%. The share of goods in the composition of exports reached 80.7%, of which energy carriers and petroleum products - 18.9%, textiles and textile products - 10.2%, food products - 9.4%, ferrous metals and products from them - 1, 9%, non-ferrous metals and products from them - 6.3%. Exports excluding gold increased by 27.6%, reaching US$5.19 billion. The export of fruits and vegetables amounted to more than 592,800 tons and reached $466.8 million growing by 53%.  In January-May 2019, exports of textile products made up $653.7 million growing by 21.9%, which is 10.2% of total exports.

The main export destination of Uzbekistani goods and services  were China (22.1% of total exports), Russia (14.5%), Kazakhstan (8.0%), Turkey (7.1%), Kyrgyzstan (4,6%), Afghanistan (3.3%) and Tajikistan (1.7%).

Imports into Uzbekistan reached $9.33 billion growing by 31.3%. In January-May 2019, goods and services from 141 countries were imported into Uzbekistan. Five major partner countries (China, Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Turkey) account for a total of 62.8% of total imports, which is $5.86 billion.

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