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27 June, Thursday

Do you know about the sizes of game maps? - TOP 10

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Do you have information about the sizes of game maps or do you think that which one is the biggest game map?

It is crystal clear that everyone uses the map of games when it is played. But many people are not aware of that size of these maps are small or large.

Anyway. It is time to introduce to sizes of some game maps from small to the large one. 

AC: Syndicate- 3.70 KM2

Fortnite BR- 5.5 KM2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout map- 7KM2

Spider-man PS4- 11KM2

GTA San Andreas: 33KM2

ES Skyrim-37 KM2

Red Dead Redemption- 40 KM

This list continues with the names of "Fallout76" "Far Cry 5" "PUBG-DIHOR OTOK" "Forza Horizon 4" "Red Dead Redemption 2" "AC Origins" "

Now we meet the most 10 biggest game maps around the world.

10.    FALLOUT 4 - 111km2


8.    GRAND THEFT AUTO V - 127km2- However, the size of this map is roughly calculated 130 km2 with the sea, but the only land is 70 km2.

7.    THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT - 218km2

Between sixth and seventh places, some game maps should be noticed. For example, here the main ones are "DayZ" with 225km2, "AC Black Flag" with 235km2, "AC Odyssey" with 256km2,

6. ARMA 3 - 270km2 (Also GR Wildlands- 440km2)

5. JUST CAUSE 4 - 1024km2

4. JUST CAUSE 3- 1036km2


2. Crew 2- 5700 km2

1. FUEL - 14400km2

These numbers are indicators of game maps which is played by gamers much more than others. It is important to mention that there are 2 games mapes which differ from others with huge capacity.

One of them is "Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall": 161600 km2

Image result for elder scrolls 2 daggerfall map size


The hugest game map is considered NO MAN’S SKY - 18 quintillion planets. Although this game wasn’t the biggest success at it’s launch, the reality is that its size is definitely one of the things that have impressed me the most in gaming history. No Man’s Sky comes with a procedurally-generated, fully seamless universe with galaxies full of beautiful planets to discover. Unfortunately, it is impossible to show the photos of this game map to the readers because there is not a full picture of it. 


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